Oil sludge is no match

Heavy oils have been said to be the root of all wealth in the world. Without oil, nothing would run, and everything would literally come to a halt. But the lifeblood of industry is also filthy.

When combined with contaminates, the sludge found at factories, on oil rigs and trucks  is a nightmare to clean. Some  cleaners are more  hazardous than are the oils themselves.

Charlie's Soap Indoor / Outdoor Surface Cleaner Concentrate is a   cleaning agent originally developed for maintenance cleaning operations on industrial machinery. Its degreasing action is effective -- and safe. 
For hard surfaces: Use Charlie’s Soap Indoor / Outdoor Surface Cleaner full strength.
  • Allow Charlie's Soap to linger for at least 30 minutes. Indoor/Outdoor will work its way behind the oils to gently release them without harsh abrasives.U
  • sing a spatula or other non-scratching tool, gently scrape surface clean of oil and sludge.
  • Use a pressure washer to finish. Take care to get left–over grease.
Charlie's Soap Indoor/Outdoor is non-toxic and completely biodegradable. No need to worry about effluent.

For fabrics and clothing, including washable filters, use Charlie’s Soap Laundry Pre-Spray and Charlie’s Soap for Laundry.
  • Apply Laundry Pre-Spray directly to fabric as soon as possible.
  • Allow the Pre-Spray to sit on the fabric and penetrate -- at least 30 minutes.
  • In a washing machine, wash with up to two doses of Charlie’s Soap for Laundry. Dosage depends on washing machine size. 
Our Mission

GREEN: 97% biodegradable in just a month (Japan Food Research Labs)
Your family will be safe because of our non-toxic formula.
Our products are safe for septic systems.

CLEAN: Nothing cleans as thoroughly as Charlie’s Soap. (SGS Testing Labs)
Use on any washable fabric.
It rinses away completely leaving nothing at all that can touch sensitive skin.
(Clemson University School of Textiles)