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Green Ingredients

Charlie's Soap only uses the best, purest, and safest ingredients for its products.

Zero Incidental Ingredients

Zero incidental ingredients ensure the best customer experience while also protecting the environment.

Quality, Safety and Environmental Stewardship

Charlie’s Soap surpasses minimum standards for biodegradability with low environmental impact per laundry wash.

Retailer FAQ

+- Q: Does Charlie's Soap ship through distributors?

A: Charlie’s Soap has a number of distributors across the country and the world. Please click the link below marked “List of Distributors and Brokers” to find out if there is a distributor in your area.

+- Q: What is the minimum order?

A: To maintain wholesale (or better) pricing, a minimum average order of two (2) cases per month must be maintained. There may be a short (4 months) warm-up period, during which this minimum is waived.

+- Q: What should a retail store sell Charlie's Soap for?

A: Click here to download a sell-sheet of all our products detailing, among other things, MSRP and MAP (Minimum Advertised Pricing). MAP is enforced.

+- Q: How do orders ship, when do they ship, and when will they arrive?

A: Orders are usually shipped from Stoneville, NC via FedEx ground or USPS Priority Mail. Please allow 2 to 14 days for the order to be placed on a truck for delivery. Arrival time will vary. Orders to Alaska, Hawaii and territories will ship via U.S. Mail. Extra charges may apply. You can request expedited shipping for an additional $10 (subject to time constraints). Expedited shipping means your order jumps to the front of the shipping line the day we get the expedite request. We can also ship LTL or truckload should the need arise.

+- Q: Do retailers have to pay shipping costs?

A: Our Standard Wholesale Price is listed with free freight with a minimum order. Upon request, we can list pricing as FOB Stoneville, NC. In that case freight will added as a line-item at the end of the invoice. For orders where the price is listed FOB Stoneville, NC, our website will generate your freight amount.

+- Q: Does Charlie's Soap offer drop shipping?

A: Yes, Charlie's Soap offers drop shipping direct to a business’ customers. There is a small imbedded fee for this service. The shipping per item gets noticeably cheaper the more items that are in the same box. It may be to your advantage as a drop-shipping reseller to set minimums.

+- Q: What images can a retailer use from Charlie's Soap?

A: Media for publications can be made available upon request. Note that Charlie's Soap is a registered trademark. It cannot be altered in any way or used except to promote the Charlie’s Soap brand. As product images change, new photos will be made available for your publications.

+- Q: When will I receive an invoice?

A: You will receive a packing slip in the box with your order, and an invoice will be emailed to the address we have on file. If you are on credit card terms, we ask that your pay for your order at check-out online. If you are on net 30 or similar terms, your invoice will reflect the amount due for that invoice as well as your total account balance at the time the invoice was printed. Invoices are emailed the day after processing. Orders drop shipped directly to customers will contain a packing slip only and no invoice. You can special request an invoice be mailed via the Post Office to you.

+- Q: Does Charlie's Soap ship overseas?

A: Yes. We can ship to all military bases overseas with domestic shipping rates using USPS. We can ship to most other countries; extra charges may apply. The following countries have local distributors and all orders into those countries must go through those channels. Click for email:
Australia: Clean & Green Pty Ltd.
Japan: Zenjyo Co. Ltd.
Philippines: Michael Ang
South Korea: Greens
Russia: U2 Trading LLC
China: Shanhai World Trade Co. Ltd
If your company wishes to retail Charlie’s Soap in a country other than the United States, please direct an inquiry to James Sutherland in our international department. He will be glad to discuss the particulars with you.

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There are few things in the business world that are simple. We strive to make sure that doing business with Charlie's Soap is one of those things.

Basic Product Info

Includes: SKU, Description, Item UPC, case SKU, Case Pack, Case Size, Case Weight, Pallet count, MSRP, MAP.

The Case for Charlie's Soap

How to turn your customers on to our product -- and how we bridge the gap between industry-strong and family-safe.

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