Characteristics of a Green Cleaner

Characteristics of a Green Cleaner

These days, everyone is going green. As more people realize the benefits of eco-friendly living, they’ve been changing the way they travel, the way they shop, and the way they clean. Green cleaners are all about helping you clean in the most environmentally-friendly way possible. That means reducing waste and limiting environmental impact.


There are lots of so-called eco-friendly products out there. Many companies green-wash to attract environmentally-minded customers—but, in reality, their products don’t hold up to the standards. The green cleaning market is full of inefficient, wasteful, and toxic cleaners. 


Don’t stress if you don’t know where to start. We’ve got your back. At Charlie’s Soap, we’re experts on green (and experts on clean). Here’s what to look for in truly green cleaning products. 


First and foremost, a green cleaner is all about the ingredient list. Many non-green cleaners are stuffed full of harsh chemicals and surfactants. The production of these products ends up with chemicals in the water waste and the atmosphere. 


Green cleaners are made with alternative ingredients that don’t hurt the planet. A true green cleaner should be free of things like phosphates, chlorine, optical brighteners, dyers, and artificial fragrances. At Charlie’s Soap, we’re committed to creating green cleaning solutions. Our products are dye-free, fragrance-free, and all-other-bad-stuff-free. Instead, we keep our ingredient lists short, with simple but effective cleaning agents that don’t damage the planet. That’s why our Natural Liquid Laundry Detergent and Natural Powder Laundry Detergent are biodegradable, natural, and Safer-Choice Certified by the Environmental Protection Agency

Safe for Sensitive Skin and Asthma 

One lesser-known sign of a green cleaning solution—it’s friendly for those with sensitivities. Many of the same additives that are harmful for the planet are also bad for you. The corrosive chemicals that create issues for the environment also cause irritation, rash, and discomfort for sensitive skin and asthma. Though it’s not always the case, hypoallergenic products tend to lean more towards the green side of things. 


Charlie’s Soap is completely hypoallergenic. Even our chlorine-free oxygen bleach is gentle on the most sensitive of skin because we go a step further to make sure our products rinse away COMPLETELY.


Waste not, want not. Green cleaners should be highly economical. That’s why Charlie’s products have highly-concentrated formulas. We don’t waste packaging and transportation on moving water around. From our household cleaners to our laundry solutions, Charlie’s Soap products are designed as economically as possible. That also means our products carry you further. 


Effective green cleaners can also protect the longevity of your clothes. Today, regular detergents are stock-full of all sorts of additives and perfumes that are designed to stick around after the rinse cycle. These build up in your fabric fibers and ultimately wear away at the constitution of your laundry. Bottom line? Regular detergent makes your clothes fall apart faster. 


Charlie’s Soap grabs the grime and rinses completely away. That’s right—even our powder laundry detergent. To make sure your clothes last as long as possible, we’ve even got a solution to handle hard water build-up. Our products leave you with a true clean that will keep your clothes wearable for longer. 


A green cleaner has to be as clean as it is green. Homemade solutions, such as vinegar,  baking soda, or lemon juice, may be environmentally friendly—but they often struggle to get the job done. Typically, DIY cleaners make for hours of scrubbing and scouring. A true green cleaner should be able to tackle the big messes without breaking a sweat. 


With Charlie’s Soap, you can cut back on the elbow grease. We know that your commitment to the environment shouldn’t come at the cost of a true clean. That’s why we’ve developed environmentally-friendly products that get the job done, whatever you’re cleaning. Say goodbye to hours of scrubbing and hello to a powerful green clean. 

Green Cleaners You Can Count On

If you’re ready to start living green, eco-friendly cleaning is a great place to start. Charlie’s Soap has your back. No matter the mess, we’ve got what you need to handle it. From all-purpose household cleaners to laundry treatments for stubborn stains—you can find it all at Charlie’s Soap. Shop our products and discover clean, for life. 


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