Amazon Climate Friendly Pledge

Charlie’s Soap Is Climate Pledge Friendly Certified by Amazon!

You probably know the Charlie’s Soap team for…well, our naturally derived and irritant-free soap products! Our laundry detergents and household cleaners are specially formulated to get your fabrics and surfaces clean but also leave behind no residues or pollutants. 

We’re devoted to producing high-quality, sustainable detergents that are good for the people in your life and the planet. That’s why we’re always striving to ensure our products are safer for the environment and our users, through continued research and adherence to science.

That’s also why we’re so excited to announce that our select products are now Climate Pledge Friendly certified by Amazon!

What does being Climate Pledge Friendly mean?

As of today, the following products have been recognized as “Climate Pledge Friendly,”

When you visit those pages on Amazon, you’ll see a small green icon that looks like an hourglass with wings next to the phrase “Climate Pledge Friendly.” This little badge means that Amazon has recognized these products for being sustainable and helping to preserve the environment. When you see the Climate Pledge Friendly badge, you know we’ve met Amazon’s sustainability standards for products. 

How did Charlie’s earn Amazon’s Climate-Friendly certification?

Amazon works with governmental agencies, nonprofits, and independent laboratories to certify sustainable products. Through their partners, they evaluate and assess products that meet their standards.

To qualify to be Climate Pledge Friendly, a product must be certified by one of the sustainability certifications featured on their certification page, or by Amazon’s in-house Compact by Design certification.

Our products were specifically recognized for Amazon’s Compact by Design certification. Compact by Design identifies products that have a more efficient design than most products. Our Laundry Powder package designs require less packaging and are more efficient to ship. 

Amazon has partnered with certifiers that recognize sustainability achievements like:

  • Using safer chemicals and fewer resources during production
  • Smaller carbon footprint
  • Manufacturing products with safer materials and responsible processes
  • High-efficiency products and maximum carbon reductions
  • Supporting responsible forestry
  • Making products with at least 50% recycled content
  • And many more!

To qualify for Amazon’s Compact by Design certification, a product must have an efficient design: less packaging, less air in the container, less weight, and a more efficient shape.

Charlie’s Soap is committed to the environment

Charlie’s Soap has been dedicated to the health and safety of the environment, as well as our customers, since 1976. We’re proud and honored to be recognized by Amazon with their Climate Friendly Pledge certification. 

And you, our wonderful customers, can have peace of mind knowing that the laundry detergent or household cleaner you buy from Charlie’s Soap is truly sustainable! 

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