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How to Use Charlie’s Soap in an HE Washer

An HE washer, or high-efficiency washer, cleans differently than an older non-HE model. HE washers work with lower water levels to clean your fabrics. In fact, HE washers can save thousands of gallons of water per year for the average family.

However, sometimes HE machines need a little extra help to truly get your fabrics clean. Newer models often don’t have an agitator in their drum, which does a lot of the work in lifting dirt, suspending it in water, and washing it away.

Many leading brands of detergent “work” by leaving pleasant-smelling residue into your fabrics that simulate clean. With a high-quality detergent like Charlie’s Soap, and the right wash settings though, you can feel a little more confident that your clothes and linens are truly getting clean in your HE washing machine. 

Add Charlie’s Soap directly to the clothes

After loading your washer, skip adding detergent to the detergent drawer on your machine, especially if you’re using Charlie’s Soap Natural Laundry Powder. Instead, add Charlie’s Soap directly on top of your clothes or fabrics. The reason for this recommendation is that some HE washer dispensers lack adequate water flow to dissolve detergents, especially laundry powder.

There is an exception to this suggestion. If your washer typically drains the water from the drum before starting its cycle, use the detergent drawer instead. Otherwise, your laundry detergent will drain along with the water without having a chance to clean your clothes.

Use the Heavy Duty setting

For extra agitation and water, use the Heavy Duty setting. Depending on your washer, it might be called the Heavy Soil cycle or Power Wash cycle. Another option to add more gentle agitation to your wash? Throw a couple of laundry balls in the washer to help lift and remove dirt from fabrics. Many laundry balls also work double duty as dryer sheet replacements.

Always make sure that your clothing or fabrics can handle these wash cycles. They typically use high-speed agitation and spin, as well as warm or hot water, so they’re not ideal for delicate fabrics or items that need to be washed in cold water.

If you think your wash load needs more water, use the Bulky cycle or Bedding cycle. Or, add a wet towel to the load, which will tell your machine that more water is needed. These cycles are made for large items like bedsheets, thin comforters, bath mats, or pillows. They also use more water and may have a longer soak period to make sure the load is completely wet.

Choose the Extra Rinse option

The wash cycles we recommended use more water than other cycles like Normal, Cold Wash, or Delicates. You can always add extra water to your wash load if your machine’s water level still seems too low.

That’s why we recommend adding the Extra Rinse option when you need it. Another cycle available on top-loading machines you can use is Deep Water Wash, or the Deep Fill option. You’ll get extra water for an extra thorough clean and rinse.

Once your load is finished, don’t forget to leave the washing machine door open, especially if it’s a front loader! Leaving the door open lets any lingering water or moisture evaporate, preventing mildew (and that funky smell) from forming in the drum and lining.

Use Charlie’s Soap in your HE washer 

Charlie’s Soap laundry detergent is a powerful, naturally-derived formula that deep cleans all your fabrics…and doesn’t leave behind any residue. And because it’s a concentrated formula, you don’t need to use a lot per load, saving you money on your energy bills and decreasing its impact on the environment.

Charlie’s Soap is biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and safe for the environment. It’s the best choice for your HE washing machine and all of your laundry, from heavy duty clothing to the most delicate of fabrics. Stock up on Charlie’s Soap laundry detergent today!

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