Life is constantly changing, and the best things tend to grow and evolve right along with it. That’s why Charlie’s Soap is getting a brand new look for the same products you already know and love. Yeah, we know. Change can be kind of scary. So we’ll ease you into it with the firm reassurance that the only thing changing is our packaging on the outside of the products. The same beloved Charlie’s Soap formulas are still safe and sound inside.

Charlie’s Soap Packaging Evolution 2019

Just like building a city or mastering the cello, packaging evolutions don’t happen overnight. We put tons of thought, effort and research into making our product packing happier and more user-friendly than ever.

How Charlie’s Soap new packaging is happier: The good green earth is always a happy thought, so we gave it an artsy twist and put it on the front of our product labels. You’ll see a very stylish leaf illustration at the top and bottom of each new label, with just the right amount of details to remain fun instead of fussy.

We especially dig the spiral on the left side of the leaf, which makes us thing of the ever-growing and moving quality of life. Or the insides of a washing machine swirling happily about with Charlie’s Soap.

The label’s font and font layout are also different, with Charlie’s name now getting more air time. Before the largest word on the label was soap. The new font has a more modern, updated feel that feels really good.

How Charlie’s Soap new packaging is more user-friendly: We love green, that’s for sure. But we’ve spruced up our look by introducing a few other perky new colors into the mix. This lets you see, at a glance, what each product is all about.

  • Green label: Laundry detergent
  • Purple label: Laundry booster and hard water treatment
  • Medium blue label: Non-chlorine oxygen bleach
  • Light blue label: Indoor-outdoor cleaner
  • Orange label: Kitchen and bath cleaner
  • Pink label: Laundry pre-spray stain treater

Pretty snazzy, right? Now you can just grab and go, quickly selecting the color that coincides with your needs.

Charlie’s Soap: What’s Staying the Absolute Same

As mentioned, the only changes with Charlie’s Soap products are on the outside. What’s inside is staying the absolute same. You’ll still only find biodegradable, hypoallergenic ingredients that are great for cleaning and safer for the earth.

Safe for all fabric types, Charlie’s Soap laundry detergent leaves no residues as it rinses clean away. Nontoxic and biodegradable, our kitchen and bath household cleaner and our indoor-outdoor multi-surface cleaner are also tough on dirt and grime but gentle enough to use throughout your entire home.  

One more thing we’d never change? Our commitment to you and the earth. We’re still 500-percent behind the concept of “Live Green, Deep Clean,” and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Hope you feel the same. If so, get up close and personal with our new packaging by ordering your next batch of Charlie’s Soap products now.