Independence Day always promises a good time, and you can make it a great time with a few keen 4th of July activities. Whether you’re planning a big bash with the neighbors or a cozy family event a home, these games, activities and fun things will keep everyone in the holiday spirit.

4th of July Activities: Things to Do

Get Rockin’

Craft projects are always fun, especially when they involve patriotic colors and themes. One easy project that’s great for kids of all ages is rock painting. Gather smooth, good-sized rocks in advance, along with festive paint, paint markers, and paint brushes. Rinse and dry the rocks before you start, and then get creative!  Start by painting a solid background on each rock and allow the paint to dry. Then add images of stars, stripes, eagles, the American flag, or whatever your favorite Independence Day theme is. 

American History Trivia Game

Compile a list of fun U.S. history facts and set up a game of American history trivia. Divide your guests into teams, and give one point for each correct answer. The first team to get to a predetermined amount of points wins! Keep the age group of participants in mind when compiling the facts, as you want to ensure the kids have fun with this game, too.

Sample Question:

Q: During the Revolutionary War, the Culper Spy Ring sent covert messages to General George Washing about activities of the British Army in New York City. What unique method was used to communicate messages?

A: The way that clothes were hung on Anna Strong’s clothesline!

Red, White and Blue Game of Concentration

Have all your guests sit in a circle for a rousing game of concentration. Pick someone to go first, who must name something red. The person to their left then names something white, and the person to their left names something blue. If someone repeats something that’s already been said, or can’t think of a new thing to add, they’re out. Keep going around the circle until only one person remains.

Patriotic Movie Night

Set up an outdoor movie screen and projector, patriotic movie night. Pick from a host of family-friendly movies that come with a big dose of the American spirit. Ideas can include:

  • An American Tail (G): All-ages, animated film about coming to the U.S.
  • Miracle (PG): The true story of one of the greatest moments in U.S. sports history
  • The Sandlot (PG): Nothing says “Happy 4th of July” better than a coming of age story about a group of young baseball players
  • Captain America: The First Avenger (PG-13): An ordinary man is transformed into a supersoldier
  • Top Gun (PG): Hotshot fighter pilot Maverick competes for glory and love 

4th of July Activities: Dressing the Part, Setting the Scene

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With these fun 4th of July activities, lovable guests, and Charlie’s Soap at the ready, you may just have the best Independence Day yet!