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The Ultimate Gift Guide For Clean Freaks

We all have a loved one whose home is always pristine. Buying gifts for clean folks can be tricky, but this holiday season, Charlie’s Soap is here to help you out with this gift guide for clean freaks. These ten tools for around the home will provide better, easier cleans, and the neat people in your life are sure to appreciate them.

The Ultimate Gift Guide For Clean Freaks

Rolling Utility Cart

Carrying a heavy plastic tub of cleaning tools around the house is a pain. Luckily, there’s a solution available that your tidy loved ones will adore. Rolling utility carts come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Many even have extras, like organizers or laundry bags, built-in. It only takes a few minutes to transfer your favorite cleaning solutions and utensils over, and then your new organizer is ready to go! Grabbing the handle or corner to roll the cart with you through the home will save your back from constantly bending and lifting a traditional tub or bucket. These carts make cleaning a breeze. 

Quality Dish Scrubbers

Having clean dishes is one of the essential parts of maintaining a home. Your food’s vessels being clean and free of contaminants is important for your health and hygiene. Your fastidious friends certainly appreciate this. That’s why, this holiday season, you should think about investing in high-quality dish scrubbers for them. Having tools to reach deep and get into every crack or crevice is the key to a wholesome clean. 

Automatic Vacuum

What’s even better than having freshly-vacuumed floors? Not having to vacuum them yourself! Automatic robot vacuums have recently taken the cleaning market by storm, and the ease of cleaning makes them well worth it. Even better, many of these self-initiating vacuum cleaners use less power than traditional vacuums, making them kinder to the planet (and your electricity bill). This holiday season, an automatic vacuum will make a wonderful gift for any family or friend.

Automatic Soap Dispenser

Automatic soap dispensers have been a game-changer in home cleaning. Long gone are the days of water splashing from your hands all over the counter as you reach for the soap pump, and those extra trickles of soap that dry into rings of scum on the counter are in the past. Quality automatic dispensers will drop cleanly drop soap into your palm or onto your sponge as needed and stay tightly sealed otherwise. This keeps the counter around your sink clean and prevents soap waste. When hunting for gifts for clean freaks, you should definitely consider an automatic soap dispenser.   

Sturdy Cleaning Solution Labels

It’s crucial for cleaners to be clearly labeled and kept separate from other solutions that may have incompatible ingredients inside. Sometimes the original bottles have this information in the small, hard-to-read text. Buying durable labels for your clean freak loved one is a great gift. It lets them hand write their own labels, ingredient information, and any personal notes (like what other solutions it should not be mixed with or what rooms they use the cleaner in the most).  

Reliable Cleaning Gloves

The worst part about cleaning your home is how dirty you can get in the process. To help your loved ones keep their home spick and span, consider gifting them a pair of heavy-duty cleaning gloves. Picking a pair made from a thick, pliable material, like rubber or latex, will ensure that they keep dirt off their skin. Quality cleaning gloves are also easy to rinse off after use, making them convenient and reusable. Consider getting them two distinct pairs, so they have one to wear for general cleaning and one for more in-depth cleaning. 

Pantry or Closet Organizers

Clutter doesn’t look clean. We’re all guilty of tossing all odds, ends, and extra trinkets into the spare closet or letting our pantry become a bit overcrowded. Even our neatest friends or family members have done it. Organizers come in many shapes and sizes, as well as floor or wall-mounted varieties. These organizers make it simple to sort your storage and keep your home looking – and feeling! – good. 

Charlie’s Soap 

Charlie’s Soap products are all safe, sustainable, and thorough. You can browse through our full products list to find a great gift for your favorite clean freak, but here are a few of our favorites. 


The Charlie’s Soap Laundry Pre-Spray stain remover is perfect in a pinch. Whether you’ve just spilled food on your favorite sweater or found a spot on your most dependable jeans, this spray can pull the stain from the fabric and make it easy to wash it. Just apply as soon as possible, let the pre-spray sit to set in, and then throw the garment into the wash. The bottle’s small size makes it a stunning stocking stuffer for your loved ones.


Using certain cleaning solutions in your home can be dangerous. They’re abrasive to your skin and eyes, and breathing them in can harm your lungs. That’s why the tidy people in your life will love the Charlie’s Soap Kitchen & Bath Household Cleaner. This solution is safe for every surface and tough enough to tackle any mess.


Less detergent per wash means less stress for the environment and your wallet! The Charlie’s Soap Laundry Powder Detergent is made with gentle ingredients that deep clean your clothes. While other detergents contain additives that can damage fabric, this solution is engineered to thoroughly wash clothes without harming their integrity. 


We know holiday shopping for a clean freak can be tricky, but we’re sure that you’ll be the gifting star this holiday season with our cleaners and tools. Contact us today if you have any questions about our brand or products.


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