Just because you’re traveling for the holidays doesn’t mean you have to give up your earth-friendly, family friendly habits. Like using cloth diapers. That’s right. Holiday travel with cloth diapers can be a happy reality. Even though holiday travel can be stressful, you don’t have to pass that stress along to the landfills. Keep reading for some sensationally savvy cloth diaper travel tips.

How to Travel with Cloth Diapers

The first thing you need to know before you travel with cloth diapers is how many diapers to pack. The amount, of course, depends on the length of your trip, although you don’t want to over-pack tons of diapers if you can do laundry while you’re away. A goodly amount is about 15 diapers. Also pack a large wet bag and two medium-sized wet bags for the diaper bag.

Plane travel: Since packing space tends to be limited with air travel, get creative with ways to transport your cloth diapers. Instead of having them eat up space in your suitcase, try packing them in your baby’s car seat, which can be bagged up and checked.

If you must stash the diapers in your luggage, consider cutting down to enough diapers to last about two days and plan to wash frequently. Bring one on the plane just in case, along with a wet bag for stashing the soiled one.

Car travel: Traveling by car typically gives you more space for packing than air travel does. That means you can take the recommended amount of 15 diapers, or even more if you don’t want to wash while you’re away. If space is still tight and you want to leave room for gifts and souvenirs, go with two days’ worth of diapers and the idea of washing them frequently.

More Travel Tips

Just a few more cloth diaper travel tips to help you out while you’re out on your adventure.

Bring your own detergent: This ensures your baby is still treated to gentle laundry soap that’s safe for baby’s delicate skin. Charlie’s Soap natural laundry detergent is hypoallergenic and rinses clean. Put a few packets of Charlie’s Soap Laundry Packets in a zip-lock bag to make carrying detergent a breeze.

If you want to bring even more Charlie’s Soap but don’t have room to pack it, you can always order online and ship it to your destination. Gift any leftover soap to your gracious host.

Pack latex gloves: If you’ll be hand-washing cloth diapers in the hotel bathtub or you in-law’s laundry room sink.

Pack smart: Travel with cloth diapers is so much easier if you pack the diaper shells and inserts separately. This way they take up far less room in your suitcase or wherever you’re packing them.

Now that you know travel with cloth diapers is entirely possible, you just want to make sure it’s something you’re willing to do during the holiday getaway. It’s OK if washing cloth diapers while away ends up being way too much. We get it.

We also know a laundry service can be a big help. Research options before you leave, just in case. And don’t forget to request they use your Charlie’s Soap for the loads. Shop now for your next batch of Charlie’s Soap natural laundry detergent.