blue jeans - how often do I need to wash my jeans?

How Often Do I Need to Wash My Jeans?

Blue jeans are one of the most popular types of clothing in the world. Whether you wear expensive designer jeans for a night out or rugged overalls for yard work, jeans seem to be fashionable just about anywhere.

While jeans have long been regarded for durability, you must still follow specific instructions to care for them properly. Nonetheless, with how incredibly popular blue jeans are, many people still question how frequently they should be washed. 

Charlie’s Soap put together this brief exploration to shine some light on the debate of how often to wash your jeans. 

What are Blue Jeans Made Of? 

If you didn’t already know, all blue jeans are made from a fabric named “denim.” That being said, care tags on your jeans are directing you to wash this unique material properly.  

According to Levi’s website, “denim is a durable cotton or cotton-blend twill textile, typically used to make jeans, jackets, and (for adorable children and highly confident adults) overalls.” 

What makes denim so unique is the process by which it is manufactured. In creating denim, textile manufacturers weave “horizontal weft threads” beneath “two or more vertical warp threads.” Due to the strength of this unique weave, the resulting denim material is much more durable than other fabrics made from cotton. 

How Regularly Should I Wash My Jeans? 

If you are hoping to get a definitive answer on how often you should wash your jeans, you might be slightly disappointed. That being said, guidelines on washing your jeans are partially subjective and relative to the type of jeans in question. 

If your concern strictly follows manufacturer guidelines, most jean companies would agree that washing your jeans “every 10 wears” is a good practice. If you wash your jeans more frequently than this, it will likely wear them out too quickly. Also, it’s worth noting that washing your jeans less frequently helps conserve water and laundry detergent. At Charlie’s Soap, we always encourage such sustainability measures. 

Expert guidance aside, some people choose to wash their jeans more frequently than every ten days. For example, some people enjoy the feeling of freshly cleaned clothes. It could also be the case that your jeans get dirty at work, so waiting for every ten wears to wash them isn’t a choice. 

Whatever your motivation for washing your jeans more frequently than recommended, beware they will wear out quicker this way. 


What is the Best Way to Wash Jeans?  

As seen with most articles of clothing, a significant first step for washing your jeans is checking the care label for specific instructions. With so many types of jeans on the market today, it can be easy to make mistakes and damage your jeans with an incorrect wash cycle. 

Generally speaking, most blue jeans are best washed in a delicate setting with cold water. Following this practice will help ensure the longevity of the denim while also not causing the jeans to shrink.

If possible, it is also recommended that you wash your jeans in a load totally on their own. If washing them alone isn’t practical, you should run your jeans with other dark-colored clothes. Again, using cold water will stop the colors from bleeding. 

Once your jeans are clean, it is best to air-dry them. If it’s not possible to air-dry your jeans, you can still use the dryer. However, it’s best to dry your jeans on a low heat setting with the added help of dryer balls. 


Use Charlie’s Soap Laundry Detergent to Wash Jeans 

Nearly all blue jean manufacturers call for mild laundry detergents as part of their washing and care instructions.

Charlie’s Soap Natural Laundry Detergent is the perfect choice for cleaning your favorite pair of jeans. Because we don’t use any chemical additives or perfumes, Charlie’s Soap Natural Laundry Detergent cleans your jeans without leaving a harmful residue. Not only will our products make your jeans last longer, but they are also good for the environment! 


Got Questions About Washing Jeans? Talk to Charlie’s Soap

At Charlie’s Soap, we are happy to answer any additional questions you might have about washing blue jeans. Please Contact Us to learn more. 

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