How the Best All-Natural Laundry Detergent Saves You Money

Many folks tend to think that all-natural products are more expensive. While it may appear at glance that the price tag is a bit higher, you actually end up saving money in the long run when you look at the benefits natural products bring. This especially holds true when you go for the best all-natural laundry detergent.

Yes, we’re talking Charlie’s Soap. And yes, we’re talking remarkable savings. Check out the top five ways our all-natural laundry detergent saves you money every time you use it. 

The Best All-Natural Detergent Helps Your Washing Machine Live Longer 

If you’re consistently using traditional detergents, you’re starting to build a layer of mineral and soap residue in your washing machine. As residue builds up over time, your washing machine becomes less effective and efficient. Your clothes may not have the same sparkling clean feel they used to have. Machine parts can get gunked-up, gummed-up, and eventually break down.

In addition to being natural, Charlie’s Soap is a bit different than most laundry detergents. Most detergents contain dyes and perfumes that linger in fabrics to mask odors. That “fresh April scent” does not always indicate your clothes are clean! Charlie’s Soap doesn’t have a scent, and that was done by design. Charlie’s Soap lifts dirt, stains, and odors from fabric – then washes away in the rinse cycle. Not only does Charlie’s help remove residue from your clothes, but it also helps remove residue from your machine in the process.   

The Best Detergents Helps Your Clothes Last Longer 

Ingredients found in traditional or synthetic laundry detergents can wreak havoc on your clothes. Artificial colors, preservatives, harsh bleach, and whiteners are some of the worst offenders. These substances end up working their way deep into fabrics, forming a layer of chemical buildup that damages your clothing.

And those bleaches and whiteners? They’re always out to get wool, silk, nylon, and dyed fabric. Even bleach-safe clothes can start to turn yellow with too-frequent use. 

Again, the best all-natural laundry detergent will rinse clean, leaving clothing fresh and happy. 

Great Detergents Use Less Product per Load 

When you’re using a big, fat capful of traditional detergent per load, you’re going to go through a lot of product. Thanks to Charlie’s concentrated formulas, a little Charlie’s Soap goes a long way. 

Charlie’s Soap is available in several quantities. As far as how many loads of laundry you can expect to do from a container, here are a few examples.

  • One 32-ounce container of Charlie’s Liquid will wash approximately 50 loads of laundry. By comparison, a similar leading brand’s 46-ounce container yields closer to 32 loads.
  • Our 2.64-pound (approximately 42.64 oz.) bag of Laundry Powder will wash about 100 loads of laundry. A similar leading brand’s 56-ounce powder detergent washes just 40 loads.

Quality All-Natural Detergent Avoids Costly Allergic Conditions

Typical detergents are packed with fragrances, dyes, preservatives, and other chemicals that may cause rashes in both children and adults. If you’ve ever had a skin rash from contact dermatitis, you know how costly it can be. In addition to time spent at the doctor, and money spent on medications, skin irritants can take a significant toll on your productivity and peace of mind. 

Charlie’s Soap is hypoallergenic when used as directed. No dyes, perfumes, phosphates, or brighteners. Just good, clean, all-natural laundry detergent. 

With all these money-saving benefits just waiting for you, it only makes sense to go natural. Shop Charlie’s Soap now.

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