2023 National Spring Cleaning Week

How to Celebrate National Cleaning Week 2023

Springtime is right around the corner. There is no better way to celebrate the change in seasons than by partaking in National Cleaning Week. Starting on Sunday, March 26th 2023, National Cleaning Week offers a great way to uplift your spirits after a long winter indoors. 

Spring cleaning is an important yearly milestone for many people. Not only can you remember the great times that were had over the winter, but you can also look forward to summertime fun. Beginning on the 4th Sunday of March each year, National Cleaning Week can be a first step in getting the whole family ready for the change in seasons. 

If you aren’t familiar with National Cleaning Week, Charlie’s Soap put together a few tips you can follow to celebrate this milestone. 


Prepare Your Home for Spring 

Whether it be winter tools like snow shovels, or toys like skis and snowshoes, packing away winter goods is a great way to prepare your home for spring. While you are storing tools and toys from the winter, you can go ahead and start pulling out lawn chairs, garden supplies, and grill accessories for the incoming spring. 

Especially for large families, packing away warm winter clothes and exchanging them for summer wear can be a massive chore. At Charlie’s Soap, we recommend having some large plastic bins on hand to store winter clothes. You should also anticipate a trip to the second-hand store for jackets, snow pants, and boots that won’t fit your kids next winter. 


Clean Your Washing Machine  

While everyone depends on washing machines to get their clothes clean, many people fail to realize that washers need to be cleaned as well. That being said, setting some time aside during National Cleaning Week is a great way to get this important job done. 

The more often your washing machine is used, the more dirt, grime, and hard-water deposits that build on the interior. If you happen to use harsh laundry detergents in your washer, there is likely a sizable buildup of detergent residue as well. In time, these residual elements will hinder the ability of your washer to work effectively. 

Beyond switching to Charlie’s Soap Natural Detergent to lessen residue buildup, you can also check out this Charlie’s Soap blog for more guidance on cleaning your washing machine this spring. 


Clean Your Windows  

Because you will likely be beyond the threat of any major winter storms in late March, it’s a good idea to clean the exteriors of your windows. After all, there is no better way to enjoy the bright spring sunshine than letting the light in your house with clean windows. 

We recommend using a step ladder and an extendable microfiber squeegee to get second-story windows clean. Using both of these tools together ensures you don’t have to work too far off the ground while also accessing the upper corners of your windows. If you aren’t comfortable working on a ladder, you should consider hiring a professional window cleaning service. 


Deep Clean Floors and Baseboards  

While most people clean their floors regularly, this doesn’t necessarily translate into deep cleaning. 

For deep cleaning hardwood floors, we recommend moving all furniture out of the room. After that, sweep the floor thoroughly and mop with a dedicated hardwood floor cleaner. Finally, use a microfiber mop head to gently clean the baseboards. 

We also recommend moving furniture out of the way for deep cleaning carpeting. When you vacuum, go slower than you normally would to remove as much dirt and dust as possible. Next, remove the extension hose and trace along the line where the floor meets the walls – this is particularly important if you have pets at home. 


Treat Yourself to New Cleaning Products 

While spring cleaning is a great way to celebrate National Cleaning Week, you can also think about updating your chosen cleaning products and methods during this time. In fact, with Earth Day just around the corner, why not consider switching to more eco-friendly cleaning products. 


Charlie’s Soap Indoor & Outdoor Surface Cleaner and Kitchen & Bath Household Cleaner are both highly-effective and good for the environment. 


If you have a question about cleaning something with Charlie’s Soap, or you are a first-time user, check the ‘Our Solutions’ page where we discuss how to get those tough cleaning jobs done and suggest the best product mix for you. 


Contact Charlie’s Soap with Questions 

At Charlie’s Soap, we are proud to contribute to National Cleaning week with an entire line of eco-friendly cleaning products. Please Contact Us to learn more. 

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