How to clean baseboards: The most overlooked part of your cleaning routine

How to clean baseboards: The most overlooked part of your cleaning routine

Few people have baseboards on their routine cleaning checklist. They’re easy enough to ignore—but clean baseboards can give your entire house a facelift. Baseboard cleaning is a great way to kickstart your spring cleaning projects. If it’s been a while since you’ve tackled your baseboards, you’re not alone. Charlie’s Soap has the power you need to keep your cleaning day short and sweet. Here’s an all-in-one guide to resurrecting your baseboards this spring.

1. Vacuum 

First things first—time to clear off all that loose dirt. Pro cleaning tip; use your vacuum whenever you can. You can fall back on a simple duster, but vacuum attachments make this step extra snappy.

Using the brush attachment, simply vacuum down the length of your baseboards. Try to catch as much dirt, dust, and grime as possible. Be sure to target the bottom of the baseboard. There may be a small space between the baseboard and the flooring that may need vacuuming out.

2. Wash 

Once you’ve vacuumed the area, you’re ready to tackle the remaining grime. Baseboards can get the brunt of scuffs and scrapes. You need a cleaner that can take on tough messes. On the other hand, it’s a good idea to avoid harsh chemicals and surfactants. Baseboards can be made of many different materials. Harsh chemicals may damage the materials or finish of your baseboards. This can damage the color, strip the paint, and affect the longevity of your baseboards. Even vinegar-based solutions may post a problem.

If you’re unsure what your baseboards are made of, it’s best to stick with safer cleaning products. Wood cleaners are nice for wood baseboards, but single-purpose cleaners can be a hassle to use. A few drops of dish soap in warm water is one DIY solution—but it may not be up to the task.

Enter: Charlie’s Soap. Our all-purpose Kitchen & Bath Household Cleaner is designed to take on the tough messes without damaging your household surfaces. It comes in a spray bottle, so you can conveniently take on any mess that life throws your way. Just spray the cleaner onto your baseboards, allow it to sit for a few minutes, then wipe with a clean microfiber cloth. Be sure to dry it entirely, as leaving moisture on baseboards may cause them to warp.

3. Detailing

Many baseboards have little nooks and crevices. If you’re ready for a full deep clean, it’s great to dedicate some time to them. You may be tempted to use classic detailing cleaning tools, such as an old toothbrush. However, the bristles may be too tough on the finish of your baseboards. Instead, try using cotton swabs. They’re a great way to get in hard-to-reach places. Dip the tip of the cotton swab into Charlie’s Indoor & Outdoor and gently scrub at any remaining dirt and grime.

Scuff Marks

The battle against scuff marks is an age-old struggle. Luckily, there are hacks for targeting remaining scuff marks on your baseboards. Our personal favorite? Charlie’s Soap laundry powder. Combine 2 parts laundry powder with 1 part water to form a thick paste. Gently apply the paste to the scuff marks and allow to sit for a few minutes. Then, scrub gently at the area with a wet cloth until the scuff marks have vanished.

For extra-easy cleaning, you can also use our Indoor & Outdoor Household Cleaner. Simply dilute as little as one tablespoon of Indoor & Outdoor into one cup of water to make an ultra-powerful household cleaner. You can use it to target any remaining scuffs and stains. 


4. Defend 

After your dirty baseboards have disappeared, you’re probably looking for the best way to avoid cleaning them ever again. A quick tip for repelling dirt and dust—just wipe a dryer sheet down your baseboards. This can help keep the dust and grime off of the baseboards.

Charlie’s Soap: Your All-In-One Cleaner

House cleaning? Be prepared with Charlie’s Soap. We’re all about gentle but effective cleaning solutions, so you can use our cleaners indoor, outdoor, and pretty much anywhere else you can think of. We provide the expertise—so you can get back to doing anything but cleaning your baseboards. Shop Charlie’s Soap now.

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