Metal patio furniture looks great in a backyard – unless it’s corroded with rust, gunk, and yuck. Then it’s a major eyesore. Bring the beauty back into your yard with these outdoor furniture cleaner tips to quickly and easily get rid of the ugly rust, stains and built-up junk.

How to Clean Metal Patio Furniture

Let’s start with the rust. Cleaning rust off outdoor furniture requires a special rust remover, or you can soak the rusty area in vinegar overnight. Once the rust has been broken down and removed, you can move forward with the rest of the outdoor furniture cleaner tips.

Gathering your other cleaning supplies is the next step, and it involves choosing the best outdoor furniture cleaner. Look for one that is powerful enough to remove any stains left by the rust and caked-on gunk, yet gentle enough not to damage anything in the process, including the earth.

Charlie’s Soap Indoor/Outdoor Surface Cleaner contains natural ingredients that are highly effective as well as environmentally safe. It’s also versatile enough to use on everything from your kitchen counter to your backyard grill. You can use it full-strength on tough stains or diluted on less harrowing cleaning jobs.

So, you’ll need a total of three things to clean your outdoor furniture:

Hose down furniture: Hose down your outdoor furniture with a forceful spray to loosen and dislodge any grime and yuck that’s not yet stuck.

Spray on Charlie’s Soap: Use Charlie’s Soap surface cleaner full strength, spraying it directly on the metal furniture frame, umbrella pole, or other metal fixtures.

Wait at least 30 minutes: Let the cleaner sit for at least 30 minutes, longer for really caked-on grit.

Brush off grit and grime: Use a soft-bristled brush to scrub areas with rust stains, grime, and yuck that have loosened or dissolved after being saturated with Charlie’s Soap cleaner. Rinse items thoroughly.

You then get to celebrate if all the targeted dirt and stains are gone. If they’re not, you get to repeat the process.

More Outdoor Furniture Cleaning Tips

While Charlie’s Soap Indoor/Outdoor Cleaner makes it easy to clean grimy or rusted outdoor furniture, you can go one better by preventing rust and grime from building up in the first place. Using patio furniture covers can offer some protection in the off-season, as can storing your outdoor furniture inside a shed, basement, or garage.

Even if you leave your furniture and other fixtures outdoors during the winter, take your outdoor furniture cushions inside.

Make sure metal items are fully dry before covering or storing to help prevent rust. Another way to prevent rust is to spray Charlie’s Soap surface cleaner on the item before storing, and then allowing the cleaner to dry on the item without rinsing it off.

That’s right. Charlie’s Soap natural indoor/outdoor surface cleaner can work as a rust preventative, too. We told you it was versatile! And don’t forget it contains all-natural ingredients that make it kind to the environment.

Once you’re done cleaning your outdoor furniture, you can continue to use Charlie’s Soap surface cleaner in, around and outside the house to keep countertops, carpet, floors, camping gear, home siding, driveways, and even bicycles happy and clean. Stock up now at Charlies