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How to Create a Laundry Schedule in the New Year

Working on laundry is one of the never-ending tasks. Even after collecting all your dirty clothes in the house, you will have another batch by evening. Not to mention if you have a big family, especially during the holidays! That said, handling laundry can be exhausting, so learning how to create a laundry schedule can be a game-changer. It gives you the flexibility to plan your chores and manage your daily routine. After reading this, your laundry journey for 2022 will never be the same. 

We have created a list of ways to make a laundry schedule for an easy and more productive experience.

How to Create a Laundry Schedule


1. Determine the Number of Loads to Handle Weekly 

The first step to managing your laundry is knowing the quantity of your household laundry. That depends on the number of people living in your home. With that in mind, it’s easier to break down your laundry duties weekly. 

Not to worry though, it might be hard to follow the routine at the beginning. So, you can change it a few times until you get it right. Also, not forgetting consistency is vital. If you invest your time wisely throughout the week, it’s all going to work out eventually. Don’t give up. 

With that out of the way, let’s figure out how to handle your loads. Your laundry involves at least five cycles; sorting, washing, drying, ironing, and folding away. Also, you can group laundry loads into various classes. For instance, you could have towels, beddings, whites, darks, and miscellaneous laundry. 

Once you group your laundry, it’s easy to tell the number of loads you need weekly. For instance, in the above example, you could have five loads depending on the quantity per load. Therefore, it’s easier to set the day and time to handle each set. 

2. Select Days to Do Your Laundry 

Now that you already understand your loads, it’s easier to pick the perfect days, depending on your routine. Especially if you don’t work from home, it’s good to pick out a time when you can focus on the chore. You don’t want to forget clothes in the machine after washing, without moving them to the dryer for days. 

The perfect way to do this is to break down your cleaning cycle. For instance, pick a day to wash and dry. Then another one to iron and fold. That said, to make sure you don’t forget your laundry in the machine, it’s wise to set reminders. These remind you to move laundry to the next stage lest you forget. 

Also, make your cleaning duties a little more fun, incorporate some music and maybe movies. For example, you can listen to your favorite music as your laundry washes and dries, then perhaps watch a movie when ironing and folding. It could also be a perfect time to bond with family as a movie night. 

3. Assign Laundry to Other Members of the Family 

Teamwork is crucial, especially if you don’t live alone. When everyone participates in the exercise, it helps lessen the burden. For instance, if you have toddlers in the house, they love helping mom and dad. They can help you collect dry clothes and prepare for folding. 

As for the older ones, guide them through the process and after they get the hang of it, schedule them a day every week. That way, they have a sense of responsibility and a reliable routine

Also, if you only live with your partner, you can decide what stages of cleaning each one of you loves. For instance, one can wash and dry, and the other can iron, then you both watch a movie as you fold away the clothes. The goal is to work as a team and lessen the burden. 

4. Upgrade Your Laundry Room Decor 

Who said the laundry room must be dull? Maybe that’s why you don’t love working on your laundry. Well, that doesn’t have to be your case anymore. Interior designing isn’t just for the living room and bedroom. Just like decor pieces brighten up the mood in these two rooms, they should do the same in your laundry room.

A more organized and vibrant room will keep calling your name. So, invest in bright colors to lighten up your maybe tired and gloomy face. You can even consult an interior designer on this or make Pinterest your best friend for decor inspiration.

Also, no matter how small your room is, you can always play around with shelves to get it in shape. It will not just be for you, but you can bet the rest of the family will love it. Lastly, make time occasionally and tidy up the place to reduce clutter. 

5. Print a Template to Help With Scheduling 

Sometimes it’s hard to keep all the details in your head. It might also be difficult for everyone in the house to keep checking their phones to confirm their laundry duties. How about printing out the laundry room schedule? 

After organizing your laundry room, pick a spot where everyone can see the schedule. But before that, discuss the plan with everyone involved to ensure you all are on the same page. You should also inform everyone that you have the template printed out in the laundry room. 

Additionally, printing out makes it easier for anyone in the house to confirm an activity before initiating the wrong one. Sometimes people are tired, and they are likely to forget.

It’s super simple! Just laminate the template and use a dry erase marker to customize each week’s schedule. To help, here is a FREE template from Charlie’s Soap! 

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