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How to Organize a Small Laundry Room

Nobody has ever thought, “I wish I spent more time in my laundry room.” Yet laundry is a necessary evil, and keeping it organized and functional is imperative. For people with small laundry rooms, that’s easier said than done. Read on to learn how to organize a small laundry room, and maybe laundry will feel more like an accomplishment than a chore! 

Make it easier to use a small laundry room

The first goal of any laundry room makeover is to make life easier. When thinking about how to organize a small laundry room, consider what you want to do there and make it as convenient as possible. With this basic approach, even a laundry closet could become a surprisingly fun place to get things clean.

Where you sort and store dirty laundry:

  • Keep sorting baskets handy for drive-by laundry drop-offs
  • Slide baskets under the folding table
  • Mount sliding baskets under a countertop

Where you fold or flat-dry clothes:

  • Use a table, desk, or shelf as a folding area
  • Install a shallow counter as a folding bar
  • Build a countertop over the washing machines
  • Mount a flip-down folding table on the wall

Where you hang delicates and non-drying items:

  • Mount tension rods between shelves, inside a tall shelving unit, or between walls
  • Install shelves that have a hanging rod attached beneath them
  • Attach a curtain rod or towel rack underneath a shelf or cabinet
  • Keep a collapsible drying rack behind the door or in the space between your machines
  • Find a wall-mounted drying rack

Where you store clean laundry before it’s put away:

  • Add floating shelves in every available space
  • Extend shelves wall-to-wall to give the illusion of a longer room
  • Install shelving in high spaces, like above the door, and keep a folding step stool handy.
  • Set up bins to organize the clean stuff for each room and/or family member

Where to iron your laundry room:

  • Attach a fold-down ironing board to a wall or the back of the door
  • Mount a slide-out ironing board under a countertop or table
  • Install hooks on the wall, back of the door, or front of a shelving unit to hang a regular ironing board

Where to keep your laundry supplies handy:

  • Keep a super-slim rolling cart between your machines or in an unused nook
  • Install shelves or cabinets above the washer and dryer
  • Use bins, baskets, and trays to corral everything for a tidier feel

Make your laundry room prettier

One of the quickest ways to relieve your stress about chores is to make your workspace more appealing. These tips can give even the most boring utilities a bit more enjoyable.

Make it match

  • Buy hampers, baskets, and bins that look great together
  • Paint your shelves to match the walls for a more spacious feeling
  • Put detergents and supplies like clothespins in cute, coordinated jars

Go for contrast

  • Draw your eye with baskets and bins that pop against the background of their shelves
  • Pick a focal point in the room (like a countertop) and paint it a fun color or pattern
  • Use pretty curtains to cover cabinets or cubbies that don’t have doors

Get creative with your small laundry space

There is a lot of stuff to organize in your small laundry room, but you can manage — and even have fun — if you get creative and make the most of every inch.

  • Stack your washer and dryer
  • Add pedestal drawers underneath your washer and dryer
  • Consider an all-in-one washer and dryer
  • Use curtains, a room divider, or a custom-built cabinet to make your facilities discrete if they share space with your kitchen, bathroom, or living room

How to organize a small laundry room – make your laundry room work for you

You can win the battle against the clutter of laundry, tools, and supplies in your tiny laundry room. Just focus on the necessities, use tricks to maximize your space, and remember to add an attractive touch so you can be at peace while you keep the mess at bay.

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