For the freshest results, duvet covers and pillow shams need to be washed at least once a week. You can probably stretch that a little longer if you regularly use a top sheet. Also, keep in mind that the comforter inside your duvet, unless something spills on it, can be washed less frequently or as needed. So, let’s check in on how to wash a duvet cover and pillow shams to keep them looking (and smelling!) their best.

How to Wash Duvet Covers

First and foremost, always read the care instructions on your bedding before getting started. The directions below are great for most bedding and linens, but won’t apply to all fabrics or materials.

Then, remove your comforter from the duvet. Duvet covers usually have a zipper or a series of buttons or snaps that you need to unfasten to remove the cover for washing. Some also have interior ties that you’ll need to untie from the duvet to slip the cover off. Read the label to ensure popping your duvet into a machine washing is OK. If yes, move forward. If not, it’s best to follow recommendations for hand washing or dry cleaning.

Refasten the zipper, buttons or snaps before putting the cover in your machine to avoid unwanted tangling or snagging with other items. It’s totally fine to wash your cover with other items as long as there’s still room for your duvet to move around freely in the machine. Use a cold water setting and, unless your cover is particularly delicate, wash on the normal setting with the normal spin cycle.

Opt for a gentle detergent that’s safe for all fabric types, like Charlie’s Soap All-Natural Laundry Liquid. You can also pre-treat any stains with Charlie’s Laundry Pre-Spray if your cover has any tough stains like chocolate, coffee or blueberries from your last breakfast in bed.

Most duvet covers do fine in the dryer on a low or medium setting, although you can always hang dry it if you’d prefer. Hint: hanging it on a clothesline can help to reduce wrinkles. Once dry, you can run an iron across any wrinkles or crease, turning it inside out beforehand for best results. If you’re unsure of whether you can iron your duvet, check the label.

How to Wash Pillow Shams

Follow the same steps for pillow shams as you do your duvet cover. Exceptions include when they’re beaded, embroidered, feature ornamental details, or are delicate. In those cases, hand-wash them so they don’t get tangled or shredded in the machine.

Hand-wash shams in a large bowl or tub, using cold water and Charlie’s Soap. Swish them gently around in the water, rinse thoroughly, and then hang them up to dry.

Now that you know how to wash duvet covers and pillow shams, your bed will be fabulously fresh on a regular basis. But don’t stop there! Keep the rest of your laundry fabulously fresh by choosing Charlie’s Soap for all your loads. Get your Charlie’s Soap Laundry Liquid Detergent now.