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Natural Cleaning Power of Charlie’s Soap

One of the largest misconceptions in the household cleaner industry is that it takes harsh chemicals to get things clean. However, despite popular belief, mother nature and natural cleaning products provide all the tools we need to wash our homes and wardrobes thoroughly.

Charlie’s Soap’s household cleaners and laundry detergents are explicitly designed to harness the cleaning power of the natural world. Whether with natural minerals or surfactants, our products are more effective than our competitors, while also being better for the environment. 

To help debunk the misconception that harsh chemicals are the only way to get your home clean, we wanted to highlight the natural cleaning power of Charlie’s Soap. 


What is Natural Cleaning Power? 

At Charlie’s Soap, we created our products following the fundamental principles of smart chemistry and good science. To this end, each of our household cleaners not only outperforms harsher products, but they are also gentle on the surfaces and materials they are used on.

The chemists at Charlie’s Soap have created each of our products following the careful parameters of natural minerals and biodegradable formulas. When finding the right balance of different natural ingredients, they can work as highly effective natural cleaners. 

While other cleaners may use harsh additives like zeolites, bleach, acids, or caustics, Charlie’s Soap sticks to basic natural ingredients such as sodium carbonate. 


The Importance of Surfactants in Detergents 

Charlie’s Soap Natural Laundry Detergent uses surfactants to help loosen stains on clothing so they can be easily washed away. If you weren’t aware already, surfactants are agents that decrease the surface tension of liquids so they can more easily penetrate fabrics. 

At Charlie’s Soap, we use natural surfactants that attach themselves to dirt and water molecules, so the dirt is eventually pulled loose. Once the rinse cycle begins in your washing machine, the water will quickly remove the difficult stain with the help of Charlie’s Soap detergents and surfactants. 

Because of the structure of our surfactants, they biodegrade rapidly, and they are suitable for local water treatment facilities, waterways, and ecosystems. 


Why Less is More with Charlie’s Soap  

When it comes to the effectiveness of household cleaners and detergents, we are firm believers that less is more. 

While most household cleaners are compromised of at least nine chemical additives, Charlie’s Soap Indoor & Outdoor Surface Cleaner and Kitchen and Bath Household Cleaner only have four natural ingredients each.

Most laundry detergents are packed with chemicals like softeners, brighteners, bleaches, preservatives, and perfumes. Yet, these additives do very little to actually get your clothes clean. While a fresh-smelling pair of jeans might give off the appearance of cleanliness, most of the time, you are just smelling a film left on the jeans from chemical detergents. They want your clothes to smell fresh for eight weeks, but what happens after eight weeks? Ew! We want your clothes to smell fresh practically forever! 

With the natural cleaning power of Charlie’s Soap, we use innovative chemistry with fewer ingredients in just a TINY dose for better results. Not only is this approach better for the environment, but it is also better for your clothes, furniture, and home. 


Why a Complete Rinse Makes All the Difference  

One of the most important characteristics of Charlie’s Soap laundry detergent is the fact that it totally washes out of your clothing. While lower quality detergents might leave your clothing smelling good and feeling soft, they do this by leaving chemical residue in the fabric. 

Some detergents leave so many chemicals in your clothing that streaks and spots appear in the worst cases. All things considered, is a detergent really getting your clothes clean if it leaves green spots and white streaks on your favorite shirt? 

With the natural cleaning power of Charlie’s Soap, surfactants and natural minerals work together to loosen tough stains. When it comes time to rinse your clothing, our laundry detergent washes 100% out of the fabric. As such, a complete rinse is critical in actually getting your clothes clean. 


The Charlie’s Soap Mission 

In every phase of research and development, Charlie’s Soap has gone the extra mile to create highly effective cleaning products while also being good for the environment. In fact, we pride ourselves on the fact that “we were green before green was cool.” 

To prove our dedication to natural cleaning power, you don’t have to look any further than the Safer Choice certification from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). To this end, four of Charlie’s Soap’s flagship products are certified by the EPA for their high quality and sustainability. 

Please visit the following web page for a complete list of Charlie’s Soap product formulas: Charlie’s Soap Ingredients


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Charlie’s Soap products are effective cleaners and good for the environment. Our products outperform harsh chemicals while also being gentle on people’s clothes and skin. 

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