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Should I Be Using a Low Suds Detergent?

A common myth pervading laundry rooms everywhere is that fewer suds = dirty laundry.  

Between high-efficiency (HE) washers, agitator machines, and an assortment of different detergents, it can be challenging to know which products are best suited for your laundry needs.

While many people use low suds detergent because their HE washer requires it, few people understand that a low suds detergent actually works better than traditional laundry soap.

What’s the Big Deal About Low Suds Laundry Detergent? 

Detergent Options, HE Washers & Agitator Machines  

HE washing machines are explicitly designed to use fewer resources than traditional agitating machines – including water, electricity, and detergent. With top-loading and “front-loading washers,” HE machines are defined by their advanced technology and strong spin cycle. 

Traditional agitators are not engineered with specific environmental protections in mind. Often used in “top-loading washers,” agitators are relatively simple machines that work by twisting a spindle back and forth throughout the wash cycle. 

It’s important to note that HE washers work best with a low suds detergent. They conserve water precisely because such detergents don’t produce suds. Without excess laundry soap suds in the water, HE washers can do their job faster with less energy. However, you can still use HE detergents in a non-HE machine – in most cases, the worst that will happen is you’ll use less water.

Do Soap Suds Help Get Clothes Clean?  

The myth that soap suds are required for detergents to work correctly is so pervasive that people sometimes add more detergent when they notice their laundry isn’t sudsing up. 

Contrary to popular belief, an abundance of suds indicates that a detergent is not working as well as it should. By increasing the suds in your washer, you’re actually reducing the scrubbing power in your laundry. The texture of soapy suds helps reduce the friction necessary to clean clothes to the fullest, whether it be friction between water and clothes or between the garments themselves. 

While low suds detergents are most commonly associated with HE washers, they’re an excellent choice for any washing machine

Why You Should Use Low Suds Laundry Detergent 

Whether it’s to lessen your environmental impact or to use a more effective laundry detergent, a low suds detergent is a great choice. At Charlie’s Soap, we recommend using a low sudsing detergent for the following reasons: 

Cleaning Power: because they allow for more friction within your washing machine, low suds detergents penetrate deeper into fibers

Use Less Product: when it comes to high-quality detergents like Charlie’s Soap, less is more. Going with a low suds detergent is a great way to ensure your garments don’t get gunked up. 

Better for Sensitive Skin: because you use less detergent with low suds products, you also reduce the amount of residual soap left in your clothing. If you have sensitive skin or a specific condition like eczema or psoriasis, residual perfumes, enzymes, brighteners, and dyes can irritate your skin.  

Better for the Environment: low suds detergents require less water to work than “regular” detergents, lessening the impact on the environment. 

Why Charlie’s Soap is the Best Low Suds Laundry Detergent 

Many leading HE laundry detergent brands contain chemical residues to give the appearance and “scent” of cleanliness. However, when you add more detergent to get more suds, residues worsen the problem. Charlie’s Soap Natural Detergent is a low suds detergent that works well in HE washers and washers with a traditional agitator

Charlie’s Soap Natural Liquid Laundry Detergent and Natural Powder Laundry Detergent rinses 100% from your clothes, and better yet, they’re derived from natural ingredients. Unlike most of the leading brands, Charlie’s Soap unscented detergents contain no fabric softeners or chlorine bleaches to give the appearance of clean clothes.

Talk to Charlie’s Soap Today! 

Charlie’s Soap is proud to offer the best laundry detergent and cleaning products that keep your house and clothing spotless, while also being good for the environment. Please contact us with additional questions about our natural laundry detergent.

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