Ready to start spring cleaning — or #quarancleaning (see what we did there?) — with Charlie’s Soap? Check out our tips below.

Get started by making a list

Number one on our list of spring cleaning tips is just getting started. We know better than anyone that thinking of every task you have complete can be terribly overwhelming.

Our solution: make a giant to-do list. Write down everything you want to tidy, wash, deep clean, or organize in your home. What’s great about spring cleaning right now is that you don’t have to get everything done all at once. You have the time to spread out your tasks and tackle them separately. Which brings us to our next tip…

Break your list up into smaller chunks

Look at the big master list of spring cleaning tasks you just made. Now, figure out which ones to do first. Assign tasks out to family members. Take things slow and choose a system that works for you; remember, your home doesn’t have to be cleaned all in one go!

For example, maybe you and your family can focus on putting everything in its place first. Stow toys and books, throw away all that accumulating junk mail, do laundry, and take out the trash. Then, choose which sections of your home you’ll “quaranclean” first. Maybe you focus on the areas that get the most use, like the family room or the kitchen. Or maybe you start by tidying the exterior first, and work your way inside. It’s up to you.

Use the right cleaning products

An environmentally safe cleaner like Charlie’s Soap Indoor & Outdoor Surface Cleaner can pull double duty inside and outside your home. You can use it to spot clean outdoor furniture or rugs, clean driveways or siding, and even clean outdoor gear like bicycles and playground equipment.

Sometimes, there are some spots of grime and mildew that your regular kitchen and bath household cleaner just can’t tackle on its own. Need to create your own heavy-duty cleaner for tough areas like showers, toilets, and sinks? In an empty 16-ounce spray bottle, combine 4 ounces of Charlie’s Indoor & Outdoor Surface Cleaner with 8 ounces of water and 1 teaspoon regular liquid bleach.

For a light-duty cleaner to use on countertops and other surfaces inside and outside your home, combine 2 ounces of Charlie’s Indoor & Outdoor Surface Cleaner with 16 ounces of water and 1 teaspoon of regular liquid bleach.

Deep clean in 30-minute bursts

Even when you focus on one room at a time to clean, it can be really daunting. Where do you even start? If you want to go beyond a quick dusting and tidying, and really “deep clean” a room, use an efficient cleaning method: clean the room from top to bottom in 30-minute chunks.

Take your family room, for example. Clean it from top to bottom by taking down your curtains to launder them. Dust bookshelves, artwork on the walls, window blinds, and every surface in the room. Clean your windows. After cleaning, wipe down surfaces and fixtures to remove dust and fingerprints.

Once all the dust and dirt has been cleaned from objects and surfaces, vacuum your rugs and floor. You can mop tile and vinyl or steam clean your carpets if you like. By cleaning from top to bottom, you avoid having to retrace your steps and clean something again.

After every 30-minute increment is up, take a break before you move on to your next task. Put on music or a movie on in the background, or chat on the phone with a friend to keep you motivated. It may not even feel like you’re doing chores anymore. (Yeah, right.)

Want to disinfect your home to prevent the spread of coronavirus? Although COVID-19 is sensitive to most cleaning products, you’ll still want to use disinfecting wipes, an alcohol solution with at least 70% alcohol, or a diluted household bleach solution to disinfect surfaces.

Spring Cleaning Tips: Use the right “quaranclean” products

Because you’re going to be stuck at home for a while, you’ll want to make sure you’re using safe and effective cleaning products. You don’t want to be breathing in fumes from those other cleaners! You can get rid of tough messes and stains without the fumes with our Natural Kitchen and Bath Household Cleaner.

You can also use an all-purpose Natural Indoor & Outdoor Surface Cleaner for all your indoor/outdoor cleaning needs. Our products are environmentally safe, biodegradable, and free of harsh chemicals. Charlie’s Soap products are powerful enough to use for all of your “quarancleaning” tasks, and you’ll feel accomplished, knowing you used this time to your advantage.