There’s nothing worse than being revved up for a load of laundry or quick house cleaning only to realize you’re out of laundry detergent or household cleaner. OK, maybe a few things might be worse. But running out of cleaning products (especially as you get into your spring cleaning groove) is definitely up there.

The answer? Subscribe and save. Many have kept up auto-deliveries of Charlie’s Soap with the Amazon subscribe and save option, but sadly that option is coming to an end. To keep up the momentum, while ensuring you don’t run out of the products you need, subscribe and save directly from the Charlie’s Soap website. That’s right! Who needs Amazon when you can subscribe and save directly from the source?

Subscribe and Save

Using the subscribe and save option on our website is easy. It just takes a few simple steps:

  • Set up your personalized Charlie’s Soap customer account
  • Choose the products you want delivered to your home or place of business
  • Select how often you want them delivered

Done and done! Your selected products will be auto-shipped to your home according to your schedule – without needing to run to the store last minute. And don’t forget – the more you buy, the more you save. In fact, if you reach $44.99 with your subscription each month, you qualify for free shipping and you can save up to 5% off.

Benefits of Subscribe and Save

In addition to avoiding the hassle of running out of cleaning products when you need them most, the subscribe and save option brings on plenty of benefits.

  • Save money: If you’re regularly buying Charlie’s Soap products anyway, choosing the subscribe and save option makes total cents (pun intended). With every auto-delivery you get, you’re saving a little more money. And those savings can really start to add up, giving you more cash for lattes or those trendy boots you’ve had your eye on.
  • Save time: You no longer have to head to the store or take time to order online every time you’re running low on cleaning products. They’ll come right to your door without you having to lift a finger. That means you can keep up your regular gym workouts, dinners out and soccer practice runs without taking time away to shop for laundry detergent or household cleaners.
  • Free up brain space: You have enough on your mind without having to remember to buy cleaning products. With subscribe and save, your selected Charlie’s Soap items will instead quietly show up like clockwork, based on the schedule that suits your needs. This frees up brain space that you can instead use for discussing Game of Thrones with pals or just pondering the meaning of life.
  • Convenience: Shop for Charlie’s Soap anytime, anywhere. You don’t even need to put on pants! We’re not here to judge – it makes sense if you think about it. No laundry detergent means no clean clothes, and no clean clothes means no trips out to the store where you might run into someone you know. Really, who wants to leave the house in a shirt with yesterday’s coffee on it, anyway?

Just because the Amazon subscribe and save option is ending doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to convenience and ease. It’s all here waiting for you. Set up your subscribe and save options for Charlie’s Soap products now and cross off one more thing on your to-do list.