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The New Charlie’s Soap Website

As happens with every business, change is inevitable. At Charlie’s Soap, we’ve always strived to provide high-quality natural detergents and cleaning supplies while also giving the best customer experience possible. Our approach has led Charlie’s Soap to launch a highly-anticipated new website. 


By building a website that focuses on convenience and ease of use, our goal is to spread awareness on a better way to clean. As a sign of gratitude to our customers, our new website features a simple checkout process. Even more, we have made it easier for you to subscribe to the Charlie’s Soap newsletter, as well as become a retail partner. 


Where Charlie’s Soap Came From 

Charlie’s Soap is proudly based in Stoneville, NC. The company started way back in the 1970s when Charlie Sutherland Jr. created a cleaner for machines in a local textile mill. Once the new soap hit the mill, people could not believe how well it worked. Some employees even started sneaking Charlie Jr’s soap from the business to clean better at home. Through this amazing turn of events, Charlie’s Soap was born. 


Today, Charlie’s Soap is an industry-leading company that specializes in all-natural detergents and household cleaners. Even more, our products contain strictly biodegradable, hypo-allergenic ingredients that are environmentally friendly. Not only do our soaps outperform others, but they are also better for the earth! 


While Charlie’s Soap takes immense pride in our formulas, we also truly appreciate our customers. As our company has evolved in the 30+ years we have been doing business, we have always kept our customers at the forefront of our focus. 


Our First Website at Charlie’s Soap

Charlie’s Soap has undergone many changes since our early days as a soap company. Our first retail partner was the grocery store chain Winn-Dixie. This proved a great relationship, as Winn-Dixie helped get Charlie’s Soap in front of customers throughout the southern United States. Yet, as the 21st century approached and technology advanced, we knew Charlie’s Soap would need to adapt to the times. 


Our first website launched way back in 2002, which made us “ahead of the times” in many respects. At first, our website was simply an excellent way to learn about Charlie’s Soap. In time, it evolved to a sophisticated e-commerce website where you could purchase products and sign up 

for retail partnerships. 


What Has Changed with Our Website?  

The goal of the new Charlie’s Soap website is to spread the word about better ways to clean while also improving the customer experience. We know our customers are busy people, so we want to make the time spent on Charlie’s Soap website both meaningful and convenient. 


There are several noteworthy new features on our website. To simplify your shopping experience, we updated our e-commerce capabilities. Even better, Charlie’s Soap streamlined our digital newsletter signup and retail partnership page. With these changes, we hope to not only reach new customers – but also give established customers the best service possible. 

Contact Charlie’s Soap with Questions

If you are interested in creating a new subscription for Charlie’s Soap products, you can use the coupon code “subscriptionrenawal10.” This code will give you an additional 10% off your initial subscription! 


You can also Contact Us with additional questions about the new Charlie’s Soap website, as well as the discounts we are offering. Finally, follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up on the latest deals and products.

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