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October 29, 2019

Charlie’s Soap Now at Whole Foods Market

When you think of natural products that are as good for you as well as the earth, what comes to mind? For some reason, we here at Charlie’s Soap immediately think of, well, Charlie’s Soap. But we also think of fresh fruit, organic veggies and other healthy foods free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. Then our minds start to wander toward shops that sell that kind of goodness, like Whole Foods Market.

Wouldn’t it be a great match if Whole Foods Market sold Charlie’s Soap cleaning products? It would, and it is. Because that’s exactly where we’re going with this.

Charlie’s Soap is thrilled to announce our all-natural laundry detergent and other cleaning products are now available at many Whole Foods locations throughout the U.S. 

What Whole Foods Locations Sell Charlie’s Soap?

Charlie’s Soap is in the midst of being introduced or reintroduced to Whole Foods shops in a total of 25 states…half the States in the nation! These states are:

  • Alabama
  • California, Connecticut
  • Georgia
  • Illinois, Indiana, Iowa
  • Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan
  • Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri
  • New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York
  • North Carolina, South Carolina
  • Nebraska, Nevada
  • Oregon, Rhode Island
  • Tennessee
  • Washington, Wisconsin

Pretty neat, right? We’ll keep you in the loop with any other developments, but this gives you plenty of in-person locations where you can conveniently pick up Charlie’s Soap. If you live in an area where Whole Foods is not yet stocking Charlie’s Soap, you can still buy all you need online at the Charlie’s Soap website.

Charlie’s Soap + Whole Foods = Great Match

Part of our happiness comes from the fact that Whole Foods shares many of our same values and goals. It’s an honor to be among the shop’s other quality products, and it tickles us to team up with companies that have the same good-for-you mindset. Both Charlie’s Soap and Whole Foods:

  • Focus on products that are free from artificial colors, scents and other additives
  • Believe in clean, healthy living
  • Provide customers with products that align with their conscious lifestyles
  • Care about people and the planet
  • Keep quality front and center
  • Consistently make people smile

More on Charlie’s Soap Products  

Charlie’s Soap products consistently make people smile because we provide safe and savvy cleaning options. Some are even Safer Choice certified!

  • Charlie’s Soap natural laundry detergent scares away stains, smells, soil and leftovers from other detergents, rinsing both your laundry and your washing machine clean. It contains no dyes, phosphates or perfumes, is safe on all fabric types, and biodegrades safely to protect the environment.
  • Charlie’s Soap natural indoor and outdoor surface cleaner is strong, non-toxic and safe on all washable surfaces, indoor and out. All without any lye, abrasives, or bleach.
  • Charlie’s Soap natural kitchen and bath household cleaner safely washes messes by gently breaking the bond between grime and your washable household surfaces. Safe for use on everything from stovetops to stonework, hardwood floors to tubs and carpets.

The next time you need a clean that’s safe, fresh and fabulously natural, remember you can get it with Charlie’s Soap – now available at many Whole Foods across the nation. Browse the full line of Charlie’s Soap products today.

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