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October 19, 2020

Your Fall Cleaning Checklist to Prep for Winter

fall cleaning checklist person cleanig window with leaves on it

We look at spring as the most popular time to clean house, but if you think about it…why isn’t “fall cleaning” more popular? Many of us can prepare for several cold months spent in our house during the winter by having a fall cleaning checklist. 

Fall Cleaning Checklist

Not sure how you should clean your house to prep for winter? Charlie’s Soap has some ideas for you below!

Clean and store outdoor furniture

If you’re not one of those lucky people who can enjoy patio season year-round, it’s time to clean and store your outdoor furniture. Treat any stains on patio chair fabric, outdoor cushions, or umbrellas. You want to remove those stains before you store everything away for the next few months, otherwise, it’ll be harder to clean come spring.

Cover and secure outdoor furniture if you’re not moving it to your garage or an indoor storage area. Weatherproof tarps or custom furniture covers can prevent rust and damage.

Wash your windows

Window washing is a must-do item on your fall cleaning checklist. We don’t get as much sunlight during the winter as we do in the warmer months. Bring as much natural light into your home as you can by washing your exterior windows. Spray gently with a hose or water spray bottle to remove any dirt and debris buildup. Then use a natural surface cleaner to clean the glass.

Use this time to check the condition of your windows, especially if you expect a lot of snow or moisture during winter. See if your windows close and seal tightly or if they need to be re-caulked.

Winterize the exterior of your home

Anything that you won’t use during the winter months should be cleaned, serviced, and prepared for storage. 

That includes:

  • Cleaning and servicing any gardening tools, like your lawnmower or trimmer
  • Cleaning and storing grills or fire pits
  • Draining and storing your garden hose
  • Blowing out your sprinkler system if you live in hard-freeze areas
  • Draining or covering your outdoor pool
  • Clearing gutters and downspouts of leaves, branches, and dirt

It’s also a good idea to check up on the exterior of your home. How does the paint look? Could your driveway use a good scrubbing with an outdoor cleaner? What about your chimney and flues?

Dust from top to bottom

Now that the exterior of your home is ready to go, it’s time to move your fall cleaning inside. Start by dusting each room from top to bottom, including your ceiling fan. Dusting from top to bottom ensures you don’t have to go back and clean surfaces and floors twice. 

Remember to reverse the direction of your ceiling fan’s blade, too, so heated air will flow downward and keep you warm during chilly weather.

Clean from top to bottom

After dusting, clean each room from top to bottom. In common rooms and bedrooms, take down any window treatments and give them a good wash. Clean your windows from the inside, including window sills and window tracks. Vacuum upholstered furniture and rugs. Flip or rotate your mattresses if needed to even out wear. While vacuuming, you can open your windows to air out each room.

Give each bathroom a good deep clean. Replace toothbrushes and restock toiletries. Check the grout to see if it needs extra cleaning or touching up. If you haven’t cleaned out your washing machine, do it now. Clean and check up on other appliances too, like your fridge, refrigerator coils, and dryer. Move appliances to sweep and clean the floor underneath.

Prep your kitchen for holiday baking and cooking

Get ready to bake delicious desserts and cook Thanksgiving dinner by cleaning and preparing your kitchen now. Spruce up and reorganize your pantry and kitchen cabinet. Toss or donate older kitchen items you no longer use. Throw away any expired food, and make note of what spices or ingredients you’ll need for the holidays.

Do the same for your refrigerator and freezer. Clean each shelf from top to bottom, and toss any old food you find lurking in the back or in the fridge door.

Wash and switch bedding

Before you bring out the heavier winter bedding, wash any mattress pads, duvets, summer blankets, pillow covers, and comforters. Use an environmentally friendly laundry detergent that’s great for kids and those with sensitive skin. And if you haven’t used a natural laundry detergent before, now’s the time to make the switch!

Stock up on eco-friendly cleaning products

Once you’ve finished fall cleaning, your house is all ready for autumn or Halloween decorations! Enjoy your clean and cozy home as the temperatures drop and winter approaches.

If you’re running low on natural laundry detergent or all-purpose cleaner, make sure you stock up on Charlie’s Soap products! We have everything you need for your fall and spring cleaning, from natural indoor and outdoor cleaner to environmentally safe kitchen and bath cleaner.