Charlie's Corner

April 2, 2018

Men & Laundry – What Could Go Wrong?

While doing laundry is (or should be!) everyone’s job, we came across some funny stories about men in particular from The Good Men Project.

“Years ago, someone gave me a hint that- when you are on vacation – you should put your sterling in the washing machine to prevent a sneaky robber with a metal detector from finding it while he ransacked your house. Great idea. Until someone like me forgot my secret hiding place and washed my grandmother’s tea service with the kids’ beach towels! “
— Jim Higley, IL

“When I got married, my wife had two non-negotiables: Do not drink the last Diet Coke and Never, Ever mess with her laundry. She is ok with me washing my own clothes, as long as I finish the job – don’t leave things in the washer or dryer. But the quickest path to a night on the couch is to mess up any of her clothes.”
— Roger Durham, KY

“When I first became a single Dad to my 8-year old daughter, no one had ever told me to separate whites and deep colors. I had been taking dress shirts and slacks to the dry cleaner. Suddenly, I could not afford such luxuries, and so I crammed everything into a single machine, figuring, “How hard can it be?”  Result: I wore pink tidy-whities for a loooooong time.”
— Perry Glasser, MA

“My elderly father lives with me now, and suffers from dementia.  We have a hard time communicating, and he gets agitated sometimes, but is better when he’s helping with the laundry, which he washes and hangs out on the line.  It’s a welcome, comforting constant for him, the rhythm of doing laundry every day and sitting in the sun as it dries.”
— Todd Mauldin., NV

Not exclusively, but we have to be honest, we created the Charlie’s Soap Laundry Powder Packets to help in situations like this, where even the most novice laundry amateur can be guaranteed a clean load of laundry!