How to Remove Stains from White Clothing (without Using Bleach)

August 12, 2019

When a dollop of chocolate, coffee or grease splats on a crisp white shirt, bleach was once the answer. But that answer is not necessarily the best one. Not only is chlorine bleach highly toxic, but it can be damaging and corrosive to certain materials, as well as your skin. A gentler, safer way to […]

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Halloween Gore No More: How to Clean Costumes

October 21, 2020

Whether it’s smeared-on chocolate, face paint or fake blood, Halloween fun can bring on not-so-fun messes and costume stains. Don’t scream in horror just yet. Check out some quick tips on how to clean costumes and remove stains so your costumes are looking great year after year.  How to Clean Costumes Your first step for […]

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How to Treat Common Baby Stains

February 23, 2022

At Charlie’s Soap, we realize just how busy life can be for mothers. Not only must moms care for their children and keep the household in order, but many also work full-time. Because moms are so busy, Charlie’s Soap takes great pride in helping them any way we can.  Nothing is more special than a […]

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How to Get Poop Stains out of Baby Clothes

December 30, 2020

Your baby just had a diaper blowout and it’s a BIG one. You look at that tiny, adorable outfit, and that tiny, adorable baby — and think, “How on earth can something so tiny make such a big mess?” Then you look at the trash bin, and your heart sinks. Is this the end for […]

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How to Get Pet Urine Out of Hardwood Floors

March 16, 2023

Stains are a common hazard with furry friends. Pet urine is a cleaning hassle no matter where it ends up, but hardwood floors are a particularly bad place for your pets to miss the litter box. Urine is acidic, so it can break down the finish of hardwood surfaces. It leaves a splotchy, dark stain, […]

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How to Wash a White Hat

February 10, 2023

Between mud, dirt, and sweat stains, your favorite white sun hats, visors, and baseball hats get put through the ringer. White hats of every style can get scuffed, smudged, and stained. So, when your favorite white fedora falls into a muddy puddle, don’t panic. With a little technique (and some help from Charlie’s Soap), cleaning […]

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