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    Environmentally Safe Natural Indoor & Outdoor Surface Cleaner

    Charlie’s is tough enough to tackle every mess while being an environmentally-safe cleaning solution that leaves indoor and outdoor surfaces sparkling clean.

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It’s no secret that animals can get pretty filthy. From dirt and mud to food and waste, it doesn’t take much for your pets to find themselves in the middle of a mess. And just as easy as they get dirty, they also need to get clean.

Even though it wasn’t originally made for washing our furry friends, Charlie’s Soap Indoor/Outdoor Formula can tackle even this job. It’s gentle enough to use on any animal, yet effective enough to wash away things like blood, mud, skunk spray, or even heavy oil from a spill. And because our solution is all-natural, it’s safe to use on pets — because it’s already made safe for you.

For bath or basin washing:

  • Mix ¼ cup of Charlie’s Soap Indoor/Outdoor Formula per 5 gallons of water
  • Lather up fur or feathers
  • Avoid contact with eyes — it might sting, but won’t cause any harm
  • Rinse thoroughly

For hand-washing:

  • Wet hands (or paws or hooves)
  • Apply Charlie’s Soap Indoor/Outdoor Formula to your pet (hint: you won’t need that much, so use sparingly!)
  • Scrub animal to lather up hands (or paws or hooves)
  • Avoid contact with eyes, and rinse thoroughly

Pro tip: Charlie’s Soap will remove most natural oils from aquatic animals’ fur or feathers. Keep them from water until their bodies regenerate the oil.

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