Charlie’s Professional All Purpose Cleaner – Concentrate

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Charlie’s Soap All-Purpose Cleaner|Concentrate

Concentrated for focused work.

If you’ve been hunting for a green all-purpose cleaner, buy Charlie’s Professional All-Purpose Cleaner|Concentrate — perfect for commercial or office usage

Charlie’s Professional All-Purpose Cleaner|Concentrate is a hard surface cleaning agent originally developed for maintenance operations on textile knitting machines. Charlie’s Professional carries on that tradition, equally powerful in cleaning heavy oils and sludge or as a tar removal agent. Cleans smoke stains, too.

When you need effective degreasing action along with safety, this will become your go-to biodegradable cleaner.

All you need is a little time and lots of water: dwell time to let the concentrated formula do the hard work, and water to rinse away the grime.

APC|Concentrate is made from all-natural washing soda and mild surfactants. It is certified biodegradable and safer for the environment.

Why Use Charlie’s Professional Products?

Safely cleans a remarkable variety of surfaces and soils. No special safety gear is necessary.
Gently releases grease and grime without harsh abrasives, lye, phosphates, bleach, dyes or perfume.
Green cleaning for cars, boats, bikes, driveways, siding, walls, pets, hands, engines, furniture, grills and more.
In short: if you can use a lot of water to rinse what you’re cleaning, this is the best bet for you!
It is an effective de-greasers on concrete and in most heavy manufacturing and commercial warehouse applications. They are low foaming and super in strength, scrubbing everything on wheels, from autos to commercial trucks.

Charlie’s Professional customers include floor scrubbers and commercial laundries.

Charlie’s Professional products contain a variety of raw materials that serve as active ingredients. We don’t use any fillers when we craft our solutions. If you’ve been looking for a safe, APC cleaner that will work in business, commercial or industrial settings, this is it!

Our All Purpose Concentrate cleaner is manufactured affordably, with minimal waste. These facts appeal to many of our clients. Our commitment to being eco-friendly during every step of the development and manufacturing processes allows us to produce a green, all-purpose cleaner that cannot be rivaled.

We know that once you start Charlie’s Professional cleaning products, you won’t go back to another brand. We are devoted to providing our loyal customers with the very best goods on the market.

Charlie’s Soap All-Purpose Cleaner|Concentrate Ingredients


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