Charlie’s Professional Coil Cleaner 32oz Case Pack of 6

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C‐Pro Coil Cleaner 32oz Case

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Coil Cleaner: fast, easy, no-rinse

Charlie’s Professional Coil Cleaner is ready-to-use, specially formulated to be self-rinsing by the condensate water from evaporator and condenser coils of refrigerant-type dehumidifier systems.

Coil Cleaner works best as a maintenance cleaner of the coil while it is still connected in the fan/coil compartment of a refrigerant system. If used on devices other than evaporator coils, it must be rinsed with water after spraying.

Coil Cleaner is formulated to be low-sudsing to help prevent residue and foam from overflowing the drain pan and entering the duct system during the rinsing process.

It’s green that cleans: made from all-natural washing soda and mild surfactants, it is certified biodegradable and safe for the environment.

For best results: Liberally wet surfaces with coil cleaner, let wet surface soak for 10-15 minutes. Re-spray surfaces with coil cleaner if they start to dry. Turn unit on and allow to run 30 minutes to an hour to fully flush coil. If unable to run the system for that length of time, use a pump-up sprayer with water to liberally flush cleaner and soil from surfaces. Heavily impacted coils may require repeating cleaning cycles to remove debris.

DO NOT ALLOW PRODUCT TO DRY ON COIL SURFACES, as damage to aluminum may occur.

Available in 32 oz. – or by the tank truckload.