Charlie’s Soap Eco-Friendly Dryer Balls

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4 Pack Wool Balls

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Charlie’s Dryer Balls are soft, made of naturally sourced materials, and ready to do your laundry loads of good.

  • Save Money: More economical than dryer sheets
  • Save Energy: Reduce drying time by up to 20-30%
  • Save the Planet: Reuse for up to 1,000 loads of laundry
  • Feel Grounded: Reduce static buildup in the dryer
  • Feel Good: Enjoy soft, wrinkle-free laundry

How To Use Dryer Balls

  • Take 3 or 4 wool balls out of the bag and toss in with your wet garments.
  • Start your dyer as usual, but check in on the first few cycles to prevent over-drying, as dryer cycles could be up to 20-30% shorter.
  • Remove garments from dryer, and take time to appreciate your soft, static-free, and wrinkle free laundry.
  • Store balls in a safe place until next use (preferably away from curious cats and dogs).


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