#1 Baby-Safe Laundry Detergent

We’ve heard it over and over again from our wonderful brand ambassadors – Moms!, but being voted NUMBER #1 still means a lot to us.

According to Mom’s Guide 2018: The 6 Best Baby-Safe Laundry Detergents:

“On first glance, you might mistake this for an industrial soap, but the fact is that Charlie’s Soap is one of the best detergents for babies out there, bar none!

It’s my absolute favorite, and once I used it for the first time, I never looked back. And if you’re not using it yourself yet, what are you waiting for?
This stuff is great, safe (chemical-free), and works really well.

In fact, many cloth diaper manufacturers recommend it to clean their diapers. It’s one of the purest detergents you’ll find: it has no fragrance, no chemical brighteners, it’s biodegradable, non-irritating, and safe for the environment. You’ll find that the detergent itself does have a bit of a smell, but the clothes come out completely odorless, just the way you want them.

The label says you’ll get 100 medium loads from the container, but in my experience, you’ll realistically get about 80. That’s a really good deal, especially when you consider that you can use it for all your laundry, and also cloth diapers if you use them.

What’s also really nice about Charlie’s Soap is that it’s easy on clothes. Many people find that their clothes last much longer when using a soap like this compared to using regular, petroleum-based detergents.

All in all, Charlie’s Soap is excellent and what I’d definitely recommend for your baby’s clothes. If you’re like me, you’ll get it for them, but soon you’ll find yourself washing ALL of your clothes with it – it’s just that good.”

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