History of Charlie’s Soap

It all started back in 1976 when our founder, Charlie Sutherland Sr. made his living selling yarn lubricant to textile mills throughout North Carolina. When Charlie’s customers began asking about a cleaner for their machines, he could think of only one solution – his son, Charlie Jr. With a background in chemistry, Charlie Jr. invented a cleaner so good that the textile employees started sneaking it home for personal use. Soon enough, people began asking for the cleaner by name – Charlie’s Soap

Charlie’s Soap originally offered industrial cleaning solutions only, but have expanded our product line throughout the years to environmentally-friendly

Each of our products has been and always will be carefully crafted to get the best possible clean while maintaining the integrity of your fabrics, your washer, and the environment. Charlie’s Soap has come a long way since 1976. However, one constant has remained: our commitment to our formulas, the environment, and you – the customer