You recycle. You like to eat organic. Often, you choose cotton over polyester and other synthetic materials. You consciously and consistently choose all-natural, healthier options, but you’ve yet to make the switch to an all-natural laundry detergent. So what’s holding you back? 

Go All Natural with Laundry Detergent

If you’re on the fence, perhaps these seven reasons to go all natural with your detergent may give you just the extra push you need to officially make the switch.

1. Better for the Earth

From phosphates to surfactants, traditional laundry detergents are typically packed with loads of chemical ingredients. Several, like phosphates, are known to be poisonous to fish and the overall environment. Using natural laundry detergent cuts down on the chemicals seeping into soil and groundwater supplies.

2. Better for Your Clothes

The earth is not fond of all those chemical additives, and neither are your clothes. Clothes are much happier with the gentler ingredients found in all-natural detergents. All-natural ingredients can help reduce the wear and tear on fibers, reduce color fading, and keep clothes looking newer, longer.

3. Doesn’t Overload Your Nose

Ever get stuck in an elevator with someone wearing too much cologne or perfume? That same kind of aromatic overload comes with many traditional detergents. Natural laundry detergents let you avoid the scented overload, especially if you pick one that has absolutely no odor at all.

4. No Unnatural Blues

Don’t get us wrong; bright blue is a keen color. Just not for laundry detergent. The bluing agents in old-school detergents are actually brighteners to make your white fabrics look whiter and brighter – without necessarily cleaning them.

5. Actually Cleans Your Clothes

In addition to bluing agents, traditional detergents tend to use other chemicals specifically meant to improve the smell and look of your clothes. Many are simply just aesthetic enhancers. All-natural detergents are formulated to clean your clothes by surrounding dirt and pulling it away from the fabric. This means your clothes come out of the wash completely clean, not just looking and smelling good on the surface.

6. Beats Big Stains and Odors

Because natural detergents do more than mask dirt and smell, many are powerhouses for getting out big odors and stains. As an example, all-natural Charlie’s Soap easily tackles blood, sweat, grass, feces, and all manners of dirt.

7. Can Even Clean Your Washing Machine

All that cleaning power can extend beyond your clothing, too. Many natural laundry detergents will actually clean your washing machine at the same time they’re cleaning your clothes. You may even finally get rid of all that gunked-up bright blue stuff left behind from traditional detergents.

When you’re ready to get cleaner, healthier, and leave the overloaded aroma of traditional laundry detergents behind, Charlie’s Soap is here for you. Give our natural laundry detergent a whirl today and experience the difference.