The Science


Good science and smart chemistry are some of Charlie’s Soap’s most fundamental principles. Once you understand the basics, (we hope) you’ll never go back to your old laundry detergent again!

How Laundry Detergent Works

Let’s start with the fundamentals: how should laundry detergent get clothes clean? Scientifically speaking, the role of a high-quality detergent is to help loosen dirt, grease, and grime from fabrics so water can wash them away.

One of the most essential ingredients in any detergent is called a “surfactant.” Surfactants are important in two significant ways. First, they help break the surface tension of water that touches your clothing, allowing water to penetrate more deeply into fabric – where dirt and grease hides. Second, they attach themselves to dirt and grease molecules as well as water molecules. In short, surfactants help water attack dirt and then wash it away.

Beyond Surfactants

There’s a dirty little secret many detergent brands don’t want you to know – their products contain some unnecessary ingredients. While additives such as softeners, brighteners, and fragrances seem nice on the surface, they do little to clean your fabrics. In many cases, additives do just the opposite; they remain in fabrics to mask odors and dirt instead of getting rinsed away.

If you ever wondered why even some natural detergents make you feel itchy, here’s your answer: it’s not the detergent! The real culprits are the dyes and perfumes that detergents leave behind. When additives linger in your clothes, it’s almost like rubbing detergent on your skin. Charlie’s Soap is designed to thoroughly rinse away, so there’s nothing left to irritate your skin.

What Makes Charlie’s Soap Different

Charlie’s Soap detergents and cleaners are different. We’re not in the business of covering up a problem -we’re looking to eliminate it at its core.

  • Our detergents are pure. We don’t use any of the extras or additives that the other guys do. Our goal is clean clothes, not clean-ish clothes.
  • Our detergents work. The chemicals and surfactants in our products work better. Our formulas clean better because there aren’t additives getting in the way.
  • Our detergents are fragrance-free. Additives are what make fabrics smell floral or perfume-like after they’ve been washed. Since we don’t believe in additives, Charlie’s Soap has no scent.

Charlie’s Soap Is Environmentally Friendly

At Charlie’s Soap, our surfactants are derived from a vegetable base. Our cleaners have passed biodegradability tests at 98%, while our laundry powder’s biodegradability rating of 70% is well above the industry standard.

Our commitment to the earth is strong. So strong, that the surfactants in Charlie’s Soap are now 100% plant-based! It is all part of our commitment to producing the most scientifically sound, environmentally friendly, and super-effective detergents on the market.