How to Clean Patios and Decks

Your first step is to get a handheld brush and broom to brush off excess dirt from all furniture, barbecue grills, and other surfaces. Move larger items off the patio or deck beforehand so you can clean the entire area in one fell swoop. As you move along, always clean from the highest locations to the lowest so the dirt moves downward and you don’t have to clean anything twice.

Your next move is to get an outdoor cleaner that’s tough on dirt and grime yet kind to the environment, which is where Charlie’s Soap Multi-Surface Indoor-Outdoor Cleaner comes in. This versatile cleaner is perfect for every area of your patio or deck; use it full strength on stubborn gunk, and dilute with water in a bucket as needed for other areas.

Common Tough-to-Clean Areas of Your Patio

Winter can leave behind a few tough-to-clean spots on your patio. Here are a few tips on how to use Charlie’s Soap to get them sparkling clean for your next outdoor party.

  • Moss: Spray full-strength Charlie’s Soap outdoor cleaner onto the mossy area and wait 30 minutes. Scrub off all moss with a scrub brush. Rinse.
  • Mildew Stain: Spray the area and dunk a sponge into Charlie’s Soap full-strength cleaner. Scrub the mildew stain off with the saturated sponge, repeating as needed. Rinse.
  • Stains: Pour or spray full-strength cleaner onto the stain. Wait 30 minutes, or just 15 if the stain is in direct sunlight. Scrub stain vigorously with a scrub brush. Rinse.
  • Dirt: Use Charlie’s Soap outdoor cleaner at 50% to full strength, depending on the amount and hardness of the dirt. Spray on dirty area. Wait, scrub and rinse.

How to Clean Patio Furniture and Accessories

You can also use Charlie’s Soap to clean patio and deck furniture, barbecue grills, awnings, outdoor windows, and other outdoor fixtures. The process is similar to cleaning your deck itself! Use the cleaner at 50% to full strength, depending on how dirty each particular item is. Spray the items, wait at up to 30 minutes if treating stubborn stains, moss or mildew stains. Scrub heavily soiled areas with a sponge or brush, then rinse.

You’re done!

Charlie’s Soap Benefits

One last task is to marvel at all the benefits of using Charlie’s Soap multi-surface cleaner. In addition to being able to clean everything from your patio to your pets, unlike many other brands, Charlie’s Soap is free of all those crazy chemicals that hurt the earth. Even if you spill Charlie’s Soap directly onto a plant, you’re ok – just rinse the leaves off with a little water.

You won’t find any abrasives, phosphates, bleach, perfume, dyes, lye or filler. The water-based formula is biodegradable and environmentally safe. Heck, you don’t even have to wear gloves when using it! Order yours at today.