Clean Ingredients

Charlie’s Soap uses only the best, purest, and safest ingredients in our products. Select products are also Safest Choice Certified by the EPA.

No Additives

Zero additives means zero doubts about the quality and safety of our cleaners and soaps. Plus, your customers get a real, green clean every time.

Environmentally Safe

Charlie’s Soap adheres to the highest standards of biodegradability, reducing the environmental impact for you and your customers.

Top Seller

#1 Natural Laundry Powder
Top 10 Natural Brand
Premium Register Ring
Line-priced "Your Choice" of Powder, Liquid, & Packets

FAQs for Retailers

Q: Does Charlie’s Soap ship through distributors?

A: Yes! Charlie’s Soap works with distributors throughout the country and the world. Here is our full list of distributors and brokers (PDF).


Q: Can I buy direct from Sutherland Products?

A:Yes. To buy direct from Sutherland Products, retailers must meet the following requirements:

Have a valid Federal Tax ID (if you’re based in NC or VA, you must also have a valid State Sales Tax ID)

Order at least $250/month per SKU

Adhere to our Minimum Advertised (MAP) policy (PDF)

Must not sell to or through Amazon using Vendor Central or Seller Central without express written consent. 

Q: How much should I sell Charlie’s Soap products for?

A: All retailers are provided a sell-sheet (PDF) that includes the MSRP and MAP of all our products.

Q: How long does shipping take?

A: Orders typically ship 2 to 14 business days after they’re placed. 

Q: Do I have to pay shipping costs?

A: For FOB shipping, a freight amount will be automatically generated with your order and added as a line item at the end of your invoice.

Q: Does Charlie’s Soap ship international?

A: Yes. We can ship to any overseas military base via USPS. Domestic shipping rates apply. We can also ship to most other countries. Extra charges may apply. 

The following countries have local distributors through which all orders must be processed.

  • Philippines: Michael Ang
  • South Korea: Go Greens
  • China: Shanghai World Trade Co. Ltd
  • Canada: Pravada

If you’re interested in selling Charlie’s Soap in a country other than the U.S., email info@charliesoap.com and we’ll be glad to help.

Q: Can I use images from Charlie’s Soap?

A: Yes. Retailers can receive images upon request. Please note that Charlie’s Soap is a registered trademark and it can’t be altered or used other than to promote the Charlie’s Soap brand. As product images change, we’ll send you updated photos.

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Please visit the Retailers’ Frequently Asked Questions section above, which may provide the answer you are looking for.

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    Resources for Retailers

    Terms and Conditions

    We take pride in building partnerships with our retailers. Here’s how we do business.


    Basic Product Info

    Includes everything you need to know about our products, including SKU, description, item UPC, case SKU, case pack, case size, case weight, pallet count, MSRP, and MAP.

    Basic Product Info

    Why Charlie’s Soap?

    All the reasons why customers will love our products, and how we bridge the gap between industry-strong and family-safe.

    The case for Charlie's Soap

    List of Distributors and Brokers

    A complete list of Charlie’s Soap distributors, brokers, and warehouse locations.

    List of distributors & brokers

    Safety Data Sheets

    In-depth ingredient and safety information about each of our products.

    Contact Us Request SDS