10 Minute Spring Cleaning Tasks

There is no denying that being stuck indoors all winter can be a real drag, and so is the thought of cleaning. When spring finally rolls around, you can’t wait to get outside in the sunshine and stretch your legs. The same sentiments go for spring cleaning tasks. Especially for families with young kids, being cooped up inside during the winter can make it tough to clean. 

As we make our way further into spring, Charlie’s Soap recommends setting aside a few moments here and there to tidy things up. To this end, we put together this list of 10 spring cleaning tasks that can be handled in 10 minutes or less. 

Organize Your Junk Drawer

Junk drawers are handy “catch-alls” for small items like receipts, screws, tools, and rubber bands. However, junk drawers stop being so convenient when they begin overflowing with odds and ends. That being said, save yourself a little time by organizing your junk drawer this spring. 

Donate Extra Clothes

Going through your clothes and donating extras reduces clutter and can also help people in need. If you have a family with small children, there are likely some clothes that they have grown out of. Similarly, nearly all adults have clothes hanging in the closet that are no longer worn. 

Dust Lights 

At the end of a long winter, there is likely a good deal of dust built up on your lights. Luckily, spring is a great time to go after these difficult-to-reach places. Grab a microfiber or feather duster, and you can have your lights clean in minutes. 

Clean Ceiling Fans 

To clean your ceiling fans as quickly as possible, grab a family member and have them follow you with a broom. Next, stand on a step ladder and gently knock the dust off with a duster while your helper follows along and sweeps up the mess. 

Clean Kitchen Appliances 

Tackling a single kitchen appliance at a time is a great way to get some important spring cleaning done quickly. While ovens and microwaves are generally a one-person job, refrigerators often go the quickest with two people. For a 10-minute refrigerator cleaning job, have one person pull stuff out while the other wipes the inside of the appliance.  

Organize Your Pantry 

The pantry can get messy and disorganized quickly, especially for busy families with working parents and kids in school. In time, it can be tough even to know what types of groceries you need on your next shopping trip. Taking 10 minutes to organize your pantry now can save you both time and money in the future.

Clean Your Couch 

There are multiple quick and easy ways to clean your couch this spring. For starters, you can vacuum out the inside of the couch with a hose extension. If your couch is fabric, it might be possible to remove cushion covers and run them in the washer. 

Brush Your Pet 

While everyone loves their pets, it’s tough to keep your home clean if your pet is constantly shedding fur all over the place. Setting aside a few minutes to brush the excess hair off your pet will help keep your whole house tidy. 

Clean the Washer 

Cleaning your washing machine does not have to be complicated. Simply add Charlie’s Soap Laundry Detergent to the machine and run it on high heat with a few clean rags. This simple step will help clean the residual soap grime from the inside of your machine. 

Wipe Baseboards 

While nearly everyone keeps their floors properly swept and mopped, it’s easy to overlook baseboards. To get your baseboards clean quickly without breaking your back, use a microfiber mop dipped in a light cleaning solution. 

Use Charlie’s Soap for All Your Spring Cleaning Tasks

spring cleaning table with daffodils
Spring cleaning concept. Daffodils in pot on wooden table against window background

Charlie’s Soap has several products to make your spring cleaning efforts easier and more streamlined. Whether it be cleaning appliances with our Kitchen & Bath Household Cleaner or washing couch cushions with our Laundry Detergent, Charlie’s Soap has you covered.

Please Contact Us with additional questions about spring cleaning. 


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