How to Clean Mud Stains out of Clothes

How to Clean Mud Stains Out of Clothes

How to Clean Mud Stains Out of Clothes

Fall is here, and it brought its stormy weather messes with it. The next time your kid comes in with muddy clothes after playing in the rain, don’t panic. With a little help from Charlie’s soap, mud stains will be a thing of the past. Try out these simple steps to get the mud out of everything from your kids’ soccer shorts to their new white t-shirt.

Step 1. Wait 

As a parent, you probably know that the first law of stain recovery is to act fast. It seems paradoxical, but mud is the exception. Though it’s tempting, if you try removing mud stains right away, it will likely grind the mud deeper into the fabric and, ultimately, spread the stain. The best thing you can do for mud is wait for it to dry completely before cleaning it.

Step 2. Remove Excess

After it has completely hardened, try removing the dried mud with a butter knife or spoon. To avoid harming the fabric, scrape the mud away with small, gentle movements. Afterward, use a hand vacuum to remove as much of the excess dirt as possible.

3. Stain Treatment 

After the majority of the hardened mud has been removed, you can focus on fighting the stain. Here are a few of the best stain pre-treatments to try before you toss the clothes into the washer.

Baking Soda and White Vinegar

Baking soda with white vinegar is a long-used DIY cleaning solution that could help lift the stain. By mixing 2 parts baking soda to one part white vinegar, you can create a thick paste for drawing stains out of fabric. Scrub the paste into the stain gently using an old toothbrush or another soft-bristle brush. For best results, let the solution sit for fifteen minutes. Afterward, rinse the stained area with cool water and repeat the steps as necessary.

Is the stain still sticking around? While the bubbles from baking soda’s reaction to white vinegar could help knock embedded stains loose, it doesn’t come with any particular stain-fighting cleaning power. Consider using a more powerful product. Instead of baking soda and white vinegar, mix 2 parts natural powdered detergent from Charlie’s Soap into 1 part water. Gently scrub the detergent paste into the stain and let it sit as directed above. Our concentrated detergents are formulated to target tough stains, so it should significantly lift the stain before washing.

Detergent “Soak” 

Soaking is a great way to give the cleaning process a head start before the wash cycle. When soaking mud stains, avoid submerging the entire garment, as that could cause the mud particles to spread to other areas. Instead, try a localized soak. Simply take a liquid laundry detergent, such as Charlie’s natural liquid laundry detergent, and rub it into the stained area using circular motions.

Allow it to soak for at least fifteen minutes. As it soaks, occasionally rub the stain with your fingers to help the detergent loosen the stain. The longer you allow the detergent to sit before washing, the deeper it permeates into the fabric.

Stain Remover 

When it comes down to difficult mud stains, a bona-fide stain remover might be your best bet. The biodegradable pre-spray stain remover from Charlie’s Soap is perfect for kids’ clothes. Free of harsh chemicals and hazardous solvents, it fights stains without fading colors. Simply spray the remover onto the stained area and let it sit for about thirty minutes. This allows the treatment time to saturate the stained area. You should begin to see the mud stain bleeding into the surrounding fabric. That means the solution is breaking down the stain. Then, you’re ready to wash.

4. Wash and Dry

Now, you’re ready to toss the stained clothes into the washing machine. For this step, avoid warm water cycles. Warm-water washing can be helpful for lifting stains and destroying bacteria, but it can also damage some fabrics. If the water is hot enough, it can even set stains into the fabric! Cold water is generally recommended. Good news—Charlie’s Soap detergent is just as effective in cold water as it is in hot.

Afterwards, allow the garment to air-dry. Dryer heat will set the stains, so it’s a good idea to make sure that the stain has been completely lifted before you dry clothes in the machine.  

Stubborn Stains

If you’ve tried it all to no avail, you’re not alone. Mud is a tricky stain, particularly for white clothes. If you can’t seem to get rid of the last remaining stain, try flushing the garment with a very strong cleaning agent. Solutions such as chlorine bleach or rubbing alcohol can penetrate deep into stains, but they come with a lot of hassle, toxins and potential fabric damage. Our personal favorite is our oxygen bleach, which has all of the power of chlorine bleach without harmful chemicals. It’s color-safe and gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Powerful Products for Kids’ Toughest Messes

For mud stain removal, you need a cleaning agent capable of breaking through grime and grease—but for kids’ clothes, you need a fabric-safe and hypoallergenic solution. Charlie’s Soap products give you the best of both worlds. As a parent, you handle big challenges every day. Laundry doesn’t have to be one of them. If you’re looking for the perfect product to manage the next cleaning crisis, explore Charlie’s Soap.

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