why spring cleaning is good for you

National Cleaning Week: Why Spring Cleaning Is Good For You

After a long winter (and year!), there’s nothing more refreshing than opening the windows and giving your home a good, deep clean. While we all know that spring cleaning feels great, did you know that cleaning and organizing spaces in your home can help boost your overall health? Below, we’re sharing a few reasons why spring cleaning is good for you (and your home).

Spring cleaning can support your immune system

Some scientists claim that pollutants inside your home may be worse than pollutants outside the home. When properly sanitized, disinfected, and cleaned, a freshly scrubbed home can help support a healthy immune system. By scrubbing away the winter blues — and germs — you can breathe easier and reduce your risk of exposure to viruses and bacteria.

Spring cleaning (and cleaning all year round) helps minimize the spread of viruses and bacteria, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. Cleaning surfaces, sinks, and cutting boards reduce the number of foodborne bacteria that can lead to illness and scrubbing your toilet, shower, and bathroom can prevent exposure to germs and bacteria resting on high-traffic surfaces.

Plus, a good, deep clean at the start of the season can help reduce the impact of allergies and asthma. If you suffer from either, then you’re likely familiar with pollen season. However, dust, pet dander, bugs, mildew, and mold can also trigger allergies, and these irritants can build up over a long winter.

Tips for keeping your home clean

  • Always take your shoes off when you enter your home, so that you don’t track outside pollen and dust in.
  • Vacuum your carpets and furniture. In the springtime, move your furniture to get back into the hard-to-reach spots.
  • Clean areas that get damp often, like the bathroom, to prevent mold build-up.
  • Dust everything, including the legs of your furniture, air vents, and baseboards!
  • Regularly clean towels and other items you use a lot, like your phone, your keyboard, and your working surfaces.
  • Regularly clean your kitchen sink. It can actually host more bacteria than a toilet.
  • Deep clean your bathroom and kitchen with an environmentally safe and natural cleaner regularly.

Reduce stress, anxiety, and depression

According to Cleveland Clinic, about 10 to 20% of Americans get “the winter blues.” With shorter days, less sun, and fewer chances to get outside, it’s easy to feel stuck in a rut. When spring rolls around, most people feel a good burst of energy and an improved mood — which could be part of why we feel the urge to spring clean.

As it turns out, cleaning in general also helps reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, another great reason why spring cleaning is great for you.

Organizing your possessions, moving furniture, and scrubbing away the winter (literally) can give you a feeling of accomplishment. When you’ve spent some time completing your spring cleaning checklist, you get to enjoy the fruits of your labors by spending time in a fresh, clean, and decluttered home! This actually boosts your endorphins and improves your energy levels.

Not only does having a clean and decluttered home feel good, it also helps ease your mind. Twenty minutes of cleaning can reduce your stress and anxiety by up to 20%. Talk about stress relief!

Extra spring stress relief tips:

Improve sleep and focus

Winter is usually a time for comfort. More blankets, more heavy clothes, more indoor activities. The result is more clutter through every room of your home. When the spring cleaning urge strikes, you might feel overwhelmed at the decluttering you need to do before you get to the deep cleaning.

The truth is, though, clutter in your environment directly affects your ability to focus — and sleep. You will be better able to fall asleep, and be productive during the day, if you’ve decluttered and deep-cleaned. Not only does decluttering remove distractions from your immediate sight and reduce stimulation as you try to unwind for sleep, but it frees up mental space so that you can focus on your work or other activities at home.

Free up more space, get better spring sleep:

  • Only keep essentials by your bedside to reduce distractions.
  • Deep clean your bedding. Wash duvets, shams, and pillows. Also wash your sheets frequently! Sliding into crisp, fresh sheets can help you relax and fall asleep faster.
  • Give your paperwork and things piled on your countertops designated homes, so your brain can stop thinking about them.

Spring cleaning can kickstart healthier habits

Cleaning is already a way to get your body moving, but there is actually a correlation between a clean home and an active lifestyle. An organized home can also help you to choose healthier snacks.

Spend time going through your kitchen, including the fridge and pantry, and pull out anything that’s expired, you don’t use or won’t eat. When those spaces get cleaned out, you open up space to make better food purchase decisions, and you can also move your fruits and veggies within easy reach.

You can do the same sort of “healthy organizing” with your clothes. Put the clothes that make you feel great front and center, and get rid of anything that makes you feel less than your best. Make sure your workout clothes are easily accessible, to remind you that it’s time to get moving!

Tips to spark healthier habits:

  • Deep clean the fridge. Start by removing everything.  Clean the shelves, drawers, and doors. Before placing food back in the fridge, go item by item and throw away what is expired or what you don’t want to keep tempting you.
  • Store healthy foods at eye level, and put unhealthy foods out of sight.
  • Keep your workout clothes by the bed, to make it easy to move first thing in the morning.

Spring cleaning is good for you, your family, and your home

Your home has a huge impact on your health, both mentally and physically. But keeping your family safe and your home clean isn’t a one-time job! To keep your house as healthy as possible, make sure you’re using products safer for the environment. Charlie’s Soap was designed to clean your home and clothing in a safe way with biodegradable, hypoallergenic ingredients.

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