Top Loader vs Front Loader Washing Machine: What’s the Difference?

At Charlie’s Soap, we advise you to study your options before purchasing a new washing machine. As there are near endless options on the market today, it can be quite difficult to understand what sets different models apart.

The two primary categories of washing machines are regular washers and high-efficiency (HE) washers. Within these categories, different models have unique features that both aid and hinder overall performance. Lately, the topic of front-loader and top-loader washing machines is relevant among consumers.

To help you understand the differences between top-loading and front-loading washers, we wanted to walk you through some important points.

HE Washers and Regular Washing Machines 

One of the more confusing elements of the top-loading and front-loading washer discussion is related to HE models. More specifically, many people feel that all top-loaders are “regular washers,” while all front-loaders are HE washers. This is only partially true.

All traditional “agitating” washing machines are top-loaders, while all front-loading machines are HE washers. Yet, in a confusing twist, HE washing machines come in both front-loading and top-loading models.

The difference between traditional and HE top-loaders has to do with technology – as HE models are more efficient users of water than traditional models to get clothes clean with less water. While HE top-loaders are more efficient than agitator models, they still do not work as efficiently as front-loading HE models

So, what does all of this information mean for you when choosing a washing machine?

What are the Perks of Top Loading and Front Loading Machines? 

Both top-loading and front-loading washers have their perks. While top-loading HE washers conserve more water and electricity than top-loading agitators, they are not as efficient as front-loading machines. In the end, front-loading washers use more advanced technology to clean clothes using the least water, electricity, and detergent possible.

Here are a few considerations to make when deciding between a front-loading and top-loading washing machine:

Up Front Cost: Front-loaders will almost always be more expensive to purchase than top-loaders. To illustrate, you can purchase a new top-loading agitator for as little as $100, while HE front-loaders start at around $350. After that, front-loading machines easily reach prices of $1,000.

Operating Cost: While both top-loaders and front-loaders come in HE options, front-loaders are known to be more efficient. Because of their design, top-loading machines require more water than front-loading machines. Even with an HE top-loader, you will use about 5 gallons more per load.

Cleaning Capabilities: Most people agree that front-loaders get clothes cleaner than top-loaders. This is largely due to the strong spin cycle that front-loading HE machines utilize to clean clothes with minimal water.

Ease of Use: One of the biggest complaints about front loading-washers is use-related. Because their doors swing open on the front of the machine, they are difficult to use in small rooms as well as for people with bad backs. Top-loading machines alleviate this problem with easy access.

Durability: Due to the way the drum is situated in top-loaders, many people feel they are more durable than front-loaders. There is a special concern for large loads of laundry, as oversized loads could potentially throw a front-loading machine off-balance and cause serious damage.

What’s the Best Washer: Top Loading or Front Loading? 

When deciding if you want a top-loading or front-loading washing machine, you must weigh the benefits of each washer against your intended usage. To illustrate, if you have an extremely small laundry room, you should avoid a front-loader because it will be hard to work with. Conversely, if you have a large family and will run the machine regularly, a front-loading HE model could save you serious money on utility bills. Using a similar line of reasoning, you can make an educated decision on your next washing machine.

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