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Why Your Washing Machine Might Be Staining Clothes

Whether you live alone or have a large family, keeping up with laundry can be a lot of work. There is perhaps nothing as frustrating as having a washer stain your clothes when it’s supposed to be getting them clean. When a washing machine might be staining clothes, not only must you clean them again, but you also have to spend time troubleshooting the issue. 

Especially with light-colored clothing, there are several reasons why your washing machine might be leaving streaks and stains on fabrics. These issues can range from simply having a dirty washing machine to problems with plumbing in your home. 

Charlie’s Soap put together this brief exploration to help you avoid problems with your washing machine staining clothes. 


The Washer Drum is Dirty 

In many cases, the primary culprit for washing machines causing stains is simply a dirty unit. That being said, the more frequently you run your washer, the more residue, dirt, and grime it can collect on the drum over time. When you reach a threshold with residue, the drum will start leaving streaks and stains on light-colored clothing. 

The best way to avoid a dirty washing machine is to use detergents that don’t leave chemical residues. In fact, many mainstream detergents are filled with dyes, agents, and fragrances that leave a film on clothing to make it appear clean. Unfortunately, this residue also builds up on the inside of your washer. 


Too Many Clothes in the Washer

Another oversight that can lead to stained clothes in the washer is simply packing the machine too tight. In such instances, water inside your washer can’t adequately penetrate dirty clothing to get them properly clean. 

When washing machines get packed too tightly, detergents cannot spread out properly into the water. In turn, concentrated detergent soaks into fabrics and leaves stains on clothing instead of getting it clean.

 To rectify this issue, simply stop running such large loads of laundry. If you have a family, you might have to do laundry multiple days per week instead of trying to fit it all into a few massive loads in a single day. 


Issues with Fabric Softener  

The use of fabric softeners can lead to stained clothing in the washing machine. In most cases, people use too much fabric softener, which then doesn’t have ample room to spread throughout the washer. 

When you add clothing to a washing machine load with too much fabric softener, the product gets absorbed into “greasy spots” on clothing. As such, using too much fabric softener tends to make grease stains worse instead of washing them out. 

To avoid problems with fabric softener staining your clothing, it’s a good idea to avoid these products altogether. Not only do fabric softeners stain clothes, but they also leave a chemical residue on fabrics that can cause skin irritations and allergies like dermatitis. 


How Charlie’s Soap Can Help 

Charlie’s Soap can help solve issues with your washing machine staining clothes in several ways. 

Because Charlie’s Soap Natural Laundry Detergent doesn’t use any chemical residues, it won’t leave any stains on your washing machine. Even better, our laundry detergent can be used to clean a dirty washing machine. Simply toss a few clean rags in your machine with Charlie’s Soap detergent and set it to a hot cycle with a double rinse. After the load is complete, your problems with residue build-up from cheaper detergents will be solved! 

Using Charlie’s Soap Natural Laundry Detergent for all your laundry needs is a great way to ensure that no chemical residue builds up on the inside of your washer. Even more, because our detergent doesn’t contain any fabric softener, you don’t have to worry about fabric softener stains.


Email or Call Charlie’s Soap with Questions  

At Charlie’s Soap, we know that laundry can be a lot of work. As such, we take pride in helping customers get their laundry systems down to a science! 


Please Contact Us with additional questions about Charlie’s Soap products or methods. 

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