Charlie’s Soap Is Now Safer Choice Certified

Select Charlie’s Soap Products Now “SAFER CHOICE” Certified

Charlie’s Soap is proud to announce that four of our products qualify for the Environmental Protection Agency’s

Safer Choice Standard with select high-quality and sustainable detergents and cleaners.

Find the Safer Choice Standard label on Charlie’s:

Laundry Liquid

Kitchen & Bath Household Cleaner

Laundry Powder

Laundry Pre-Spray



Charlie's Soap Kitchen & Bath Household Cleaner is now Safer Choice approved.

Charlie's Soap Laundry Pre-spray is now Safer Choice approved

Why Safer Choice matters

Charlie’s Soap has been dedicated to the health and safety of the environment and our customers since 1976. The Safer Choice label means that the EPA recognizes our hard work. Our customers can rest easy knowing that they’re buying “the real deal!”

The EPA has strict criteria for these labels, and they’ve assessed our four products for safe ingredients, product performance, pH, packaging, worker safety, resource conservation, and more. Safer Choice products must also help protect the health of the environment. Because Charlie’s Soap’s motto is to “Live Green and Deep Clean,” the Safer Choice seal of approval on our four products means a lot to us — and we’re sure to you!

Charlie’s Soap’s Safer Choice products — our Laundry Liquid, Laundry Powder, Laundry Pre-spray, and Kitchen and Bath Household Cleaner — contain no inorganic phosphates, hazardous solvents, or environmentally harmful surfactants. They are also biodegradable, hypoallergenic, perfume-free, and dye-free.

To learn more about the Safer Choice products available by Charlie’s Soap, read our recent press release. You can also visit the EPA’s website to learn all about the Safer Choice Standard.

Currently, the Safer Choice Standard applies to only the products listed above. However, all of Charlie’s Soap products are biodegradable, dye-free hypoallergenic, and perfume-free. The listed Charlie’s Soap Safer Choice labeled products are those recognized by the EPA that surpass their expectations in regards to safety and sustainability.

Disclaimer: EPA/Safer Choice recognition does not constitute endorsement of this product. The Safer Choice label signifies that the product’s formula, as Sutherland has represented it to the EPA, contains ingredients with more positive human health and environmental characteristics than conventional products of the same type. EPA/Safer Choice relies solely on Sutherland, its integrity and good faith, for information on the product’s composition, ingredients and attributes. EPA/Safer Choice has not independently identified, that is, via chemical analysis, the ingredients in the product formula, nor evaluated any of Sutherland non-ingredient claims. EPA/Safer Choice provides its evaluation only as to the product’s human health and environmental characteristics, as specified in the Safer Choice Standard and based on currently available information and scientific understanding.