Biodegradable Booster & Hard Water Treatment

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Boosts cleaning power of your detergent by controlling hard water.


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Our biodegradable booster and hard water treatment is made from an environmentally friendly phosphate that brings out the best in Charlie’s Soap detergents. Without leaving any residue on your clothes or in your washing machine, it controls minerals in your wash water with just 1/2 tablespoon per load. Your septic system and washing machine will also be safe because our booster is completely soluble.

Hard water does not pose a health risk, but it can cause “scale” – mineral build-up in pipes and plumbing fixtures – that reduces the effectiveness of laundry soap. Charlie’s Soap Booster is a biodegradable phosphate that can safely eliminate problems associated with hard water, all while remaining environmentally friendly.

Suggested Use

Tossing a scoop into the washing machine is all it takes to soften water and get a better clean with each load.

Biodegradable Booster and Hard Water Treatment Product Details

SIMPLE INGREDIENT – Our booster is made from an environmentally safe phosphate that softens water and leaves no hard water scale.
RINSES CLEAN – Rinses completely from fabric, leaving behind no residue on your clothes that can irritate sensitive skin.
HARD WATER TREATMENT – Removes problem minerals from your water that keep detergents from working properly.
SEPTIC SAFE – When used in moderation, our formula is safe in septic and municipal water systems. Non-precipitating and will not form scale.

Certain phosphates can safely eliminate problems associated with hard water and be environmentally friendly. They are only a problem with overuse. While septic is safe in general, if you use it daily, you may need to periodically replenish your septic system with an enzyme and germ replenishment product.

Ingredients: Potassium diphosphate

Use at least 1/2 tbsp. of Charlie’s Soap Booster as needed per wash.  Use 1 full tbsp. for tough stains or excessively hard water.  You may apply Booster directly to the drum.  Wash according to care instructions.  Test on garments that may bleed for fade.

Charlie’s Soap Booster and Hard Water Treatment uses a simple phosphate that:

  • Softens your wash water.
  • Allows Charlie’s Soap detergent to work better in the wash.
  • Rinses completely leaving no residue on your clothes.
  • Aids in natural biodegradation in the environment, when using 1 tbsp. per wash.
  • Keeps your clothes and the environment clean.

Customer Questions

Is this just a booster or is it also laundry soap? Should it be used with laundry soap or just alone?

Our Booster/Hard Water Treatment was designed to be a companion to our laundry detergents to help customers that find themselves in need of additional cleaning power.

Hard water can be a combination of many different mineral types depending on where you live, time of year, or climate and can vary vastly. Our detergent does such a good job of removing dirt and contaminants that it sees those minerals as “dirt” and will latch on them to remove them from the wash water as well.  Depending on how many minerals there are, it may make it harder for Charlie’s to grab the dirt along with those minerals, and you may see your laundry not bright or possibly stiff from the deposit of those extra minerals back onto your laundry.

Using Booster/Hard Water Treatment helps rid the wash water of those extra minerals, allowing the detergent to concentrate only on the dirt and stains.

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Rated 4.86 out of 5 stars
7 reviews
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7 reviews for Biodegradable Booster & Hard Water Treatment

  1. 4 out of 5

    Pleased I found out about this product from my daughter. I live in a part of the country that has very hard water. Since I have a well I was curious about this product. I have a front-load washer and hard water is a problem with getting clean laundry. I have been very impressed with this product. It has allowed my detergent to work better and get the clothes cleaner. I am hoping that after time it will also help to eliminate hard water build up in my washer.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Fabulous! Love this product!

  3. 5 out of 5

    Hard Water - Big Help I bought a new washing machine and could no longer use my Calgon water softener since not OK for HE machines. Found Charlie’s Soap online and made orders for the liquid laundry soap and hard water booster. My clothes now come out not so stiff and the white stains I used to find on my dark clothes (from the hard water) are almost gone. Sometimes I see a little white on one piece of clothing but that’s much better than many pieces with large white stains.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Excellent I've been using this for years and I just love it. When I run out I definitely notice a difference in the clothes. Not nearly as soft as I want them. And it doesn't make me itch! Bonus!

  5. 5 out of 5

    Hard water treater I won't use anything else but Charlie's Soap for my laundry, and now I'm adding Charlie's Soap Booster, too. We have extremely hard water in our region and this product makes the laundry detergent work even better. Charlie's is as toxin-free as you can find, and it works wonderfully. Just say no to grocery store laundry products, especially dryer sheets, and the toxic perfumes they contain. Your machines will work better, longer, without getting gummed up by fabric softeners. The only difference you'll notice after you go without fabric softeners is your towels will be far more absorbent.

  6. 5 out of 5

    Booster This product is the one my washer needed: our water is extremely hard, and though I valued Charlie's products, something was needed to finalize the cleaning process. Thank you whoever came up with this. I highly recommend any product that Charlie's makes. They are effective besides being good for the environment..

  7. 5 out of 5

    New User I had purchased Charlie's Soap and then discovered that I needed the Booster also. My area does have hard water and I don't have a water softener. I like Charlie's Soap and now with the booster my clothes are softer. These products clean clothes and leave them fresh smelling and not just out of the washer. I used to use a free liquid detergent and my clothes always had an odd odor. No so with Charlie's Soap and Booster. Just fresh clean laundry. I have an HE Top Loader. Now I would replace it in a heartbeat with my old style washer if they still made them but I think we are stuck with HE machines. So if you have problems with your liquid soap leaving your clothing smelling like you never did laundry, give this product a try. I also have sensitive skin and have had NO reaction to Charlie's Soap and Booster. Thanks for making such a great product.

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