Ultimate Hard Water Solution Package

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Convenient combo package for hard water.

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Do you have hard water?  Do you know the tell-tale signs?  Have you noticed white buildup on your faucet aerator, rings in your sinks, bathtub, or toilet?  Have you seen dried white splotches on your stainless steel washing machine tub?  If so, you may have hard water and it could be making it more difficult for your detergents to completely clean your laundry.
What is a person to do?


Answer: Charlie’s Ultimate Hard Water Package!


This bundle is perfect if your water comes with the hard minerals that can sap the power out of laundry detergent. All four cleaners are biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and naturally cleanse your clothes without the use of optical brighteners.
Use these products together for the ultimate clean clothes experience; say goodbye to hard water issues in your laundry, or use them separately for any task at hand.


Charlie’s Soap Ultimate Hard Water Package Details:
  • Booster & Hard Water Treatment 2.64 lbs: Keeps hard minerals in water at bay with less than a tablespoon per wash. Biodegradable phosphate aids Charlie’s Soap while keeping residue off your clothes. Septic systems will salute you.
  • Up to 50 loads of Laundry Powder that is safer for the environment, gentle on allergies, and effective on all fabrics from silk to synthetics. No dyes or fillers.
  • Oxygen Bleach 2.64 lbs: Powerful, concentrated non-chlorine bleach; 2 tablespoons or less per load; color-safe – always consult garment label wash instructions.
  • Pre-Spray Travel Pen: On-the-go protection against stains. The perfect gentle treatment until you can toss your clothes into the next load of laundry.

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