The fact that you use cloth diapers automatically shows how much you care. You care about the environment and decreasing landfill waste. You care about protecting your baby from harmful chemicals found in some disposable diapers. And you care about saving money, with cloth diapers able to save about $1,200 per year over disposables. But if this is your first experience with cloth diapers (or even if you’ve been using them for years!) there’s one big question that must be answered – and that’s how to clean cloth diapers.

How to Clean Cloth Diapers

Best Natural Laundry Detergent for Cloth Diapers

Let’s start with the best cloth diaper detergent to use. You can eliminate a load of detergents right out of the gate by checking out their ingredients. Steer clear of detergents that contain bleach, color, optic whiteners, fabric softener, and enzymes. Also, avoid other chemicals that can damage the diaper cloth as well as remain in the fabric fibers and lead to diaper rash.

Going for a natural detergent with minimal ingredients is the wisest choice, and Charlie’s Soap contains the bare minimum. You won’t find any dyes, brighteners, fragrances, phosphates or other harmful chemicals that can linger in fabrics for up to 10 washes.

Charlie’s Soap natural laundry detergent rinses clean way, not only cleaning your cloth diapers but also cleaning your washing machine.

Additional Cloth Diaper Tips

Now that you know the best natural laundry detergent for cloth diapers, it’s time to pick up a few other tips. Here comes a handful of diaper do’s and don’ts!

Don’t let diapers stay wet.

Change cloth diapers immediately. This is an absolute must, as they don’t usually wick moisture away from skin like disposable diapers do. Even if you’re out and about when the diaper needs to be changed, take the time to do it.

Avoid synthetic fabrics.

Even though synthetic fabrics may seem more absorbent, they can hold onto some soils and eventually lose their absorbance. They can also cause problems. You only want natural fibers next to your baby’s skin.

Use hot water.

Hot water is the only way to wash cloth diapers to ensure they get clean and sanitary. Use a large quantity of hot water for washing, then dry the diapers in a hot dryer or out in the sun. UV rays sterilize the diapers for an added bonus.

Do wash cloth diapers daily.

Since you’re changing the diaper every time your baby wets, you’ll be going through a number of diapers each day. You’re likely to run out unless you wash them daily. Besides, letting dirty diapers pile up in the pail makes the diapers harder to clean and the odors tougher to bear.

Use Charlie’s Soap for all your cloth diaper cleaning needs

Following these tips can help ensure baby stays comfy and dry and both mommy and baby stay happy. Check the first tip off your list by stocking up on Charlie’s Soap natural laundry detergent today.