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Is Oxygen Bleach Safe for Naturally Dyed Fabrics?

At Charlie’s Soap, we realize today’s eco-conscious consumers are interested in more than just cleaning products. In fact, many of our customers also take great care in purchasing sustainably sourced clothing made of organic materials. 

While naturally dyed fabrics are undoubtedly healthy for people and the environment, there is a concern for their durability. Some people wonder if naturally dyed fabrics can hold up to the demands of standard washing procedures. 

Charlie’s Soap gets regular questions about whether oxygen bleach is safe for naturally dyed fabrics. As such, we wanted to discuss this topic to clarify any misconceptions. 


What is Oxygen Bleach?

Oxygen bleach is a chlorine-free bleach that is known for its gentle cleaning properties. Instead of chlorine, oxygen bleach is made by combining hydrogen peroxide and washing soda.  Once these elements are exposed to water, they separate, and in so doing, they lift stains from clothing and break down odor causing chemicals. 

People enjoy oxygen bleach because it is non-corrosive and can be used on both white and colored fabrics. Even more, it is environmentally friendly and is often used for other cleaning purposes besides washing clothes. 

Oxygen bleach is commonly used as a supplement to regular laundry detergent. To this end, it can be utilized to help remove tough stains without damaging clothing. 


What are Natural Dyes? 

Natural dyes are directly made from sources found in the natural world. In other words, these dyes are pigments created by mother nature – as opposed to made in a factory. Indigenous cultures have used natural dyes in paints, pottery, and clothing for thousands of years. 

Turmeric is a great example of a natural dye. Originally sourced from the root of the Curcuma longa plant, turmeric has long been used to dye fabrics a vibrant yellow color. Turmeric is such as strong dye it often colors people’s skin when they work with the spice. 

Because natural dyes are made from organic materials found in nature, some people are concerned they might bleed when washed. This notion is particularly true concerning bleach. However, naturally dyed fabrics hold up well in the laundry if they were originally applied properly and later washed appropriately. 


Tips for Using Oxygen Bleach on Naturally Dyed Fabrics 

Because oxygen bleach does not use chlorine, it is a safe choice for washing naturally dyed fabrics. In fact, oxygen bleach isn’t designed to pull color from clothing as quickly and harshly as typical chlorine bleach will; but take care as it is still technically a bleaching agent.

Oxygen bleach works great for cleaning clothes as long as you follow the care labels on each item. Importantly, clothing manufacturers have developed a labeling system specifically for clothes that should be washed with oxygen bleach. If you see a triangle symbol with two slanted lines, it means that oxygen bleach is safe for the garment.

People sometimes make their own natural dyes for clothing. If this is the case, you might want to test a piece of scrap fabric in the wash before you risk cleaning your own creation with oxygen bleach. 


Will Oxygen Bleach Damage Certain Fabrics? 

Oxygen bleach is rightly considered a miracle cleaning product by many people. Not only can you use it to wash colored fabrics, but you can also use it to clean other things – such as carpeting and tile. Nonetheless, there are a few items that you should avoid cleaning with oxygen bleach. 

The fabrics you should not wash with oxygen bleach include: 

  • Wool
  • Silk
  • Leather

As can be seen, these are specialty fabrics that often require their own unique washing and drying processes. 


Try Charlie’s Soap Oxygen Bleach

Charlie’s Soap developed our chlorine-free bleach recipe to complement our other natural detergents. Charlie’s Soap Oxygen Bleach is made with hydrogen peroxide and washing soda. This mixture is highly effective at removing the toughest stains while also being safer for the environment. 

Charlie’s Soap Oxygen Bleach is an excellent addition to our laundry detergent. By following the directions on our products and matching them with care labels on your clothes, you can safely clean the most difficult stains. Even more, you can effortlessly wash your naturally-dyed clothes without concern for doing damage. 

If you have additional questions about any Charlie’s Soap products, please Contact Us.

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