Oxygen Bleach: How it Differs from Regular Bleach

Oxygen Bleach: How it Differs from Regular Bleach

Oxygen bleach is making a name for itself as a chlorine-free bleach alternative. It’s true—the powerful oxygen bleach from Charlie’s Soap has it all, with all the stain-fighting, whitening, and brightening power of regular bleach without the downsides. Wondering if you should make the switch? Let’s talk about it. Here are the real differences between regular and oxygen bleach.

Your Health

Since regular bleach relies on harsh chemicals to break through stains, it can be a health hazard. If you have asthma, be wary of chlorine bleach, which can trigger dizziness, shortness of breath, and other symptoms. Bleach has even been labeled as an asthmagen, meaning prolonged exposure can cause asthma. These harmful fumes can linger in carpets, walls, and furniture for days. It’s not just the fumes—skin contact with chlorine bleach, particularly for those with sensitive skin, can lead to inflammation, and, in extreme cases, chemical burns.

That’s why oxygen bleach skips the harsh chemicals. As a fragrance-free, non-chlorine bleach, oxygen bleach is kinder to your body and safer to use. No more toxic fumes, chemical burns, rashes, or asthma-inducing irritants.

Colors and Delicates

Most laundry veterans are already familiar with the double-edged sword of bleach when it comes to cleaning clothes. Since regular bleach is so abrasive, it can strip the dye from your garments, leaving splotches of discoloration—bleach stains—that are impossible to remove. To restore your clothes, you’d have to re-dye the affected area. The fabric itself can also be damaged. Delicate fabrics such as silk and spandex can be destroyed by traditional bleach, which is caustic enough to disintegrate its fibers.

Though a stain solution that stains back sounds tempting, we’d rather stick with oxygen bleach. As a gentle bleaching agent, oxygen bleach is color-safe and perfect for delicate fabrics. At the same time, it packs a punch to tackle your tough stains and brighten your colored and white clothes—just without burning a hole in your silk garments. It’s time for stain removal without the stress. Our oxygen bleach is far less likely to damage clothes than chlorine bleach, but be sure to follow garment care instructions. You can pre-soak your clothes in oxygen bleach or toss it in your washing machine on a hot-water wash cycle. Pair it with a high-quality laundry detergent for best results, and say goodbye to bleach anxiety.

Household Cleaning

Regular bleach is often used for general household cleaning, but it has its risks. When combined with ammonia, an ingredient found in many household cleaners, chlorine bleach can create highly toxic gasses, and it can also damage grout, tile, colored and vintage porcelain, granite, and more. Furniture is also a no-go—regular bleach can damage both upholstery and leather.

Not for oxygen bleach. It’s a whole-household cleaning agent. It’s perfect for grout, tiles, toilet bowls, sinks, garbage disposals, carpets, and more. Oxygen bleach works as a powerful disinfectant to handle mildew, grime, and stubborn stains, whether you’re cleaning indoor walls or patio floors. By combining as little as 1 tablespoon in a spray bottle filled with warm water, you can make a convenient oxygen bleach solution that you can safely use all around the house.


Regular bleach is bad business for the planet. After chlorine bleach enters the water system, it can linger for years, mixing with other materials and forming toxins that can damage wildlife. If you have a septic system, try to avoid putting regular bleach in your washer. The chlorine bleach can destroy the balance of bacteria and enzymes that makes your septic tank work. That’s not where it ends—we haven’t even mentioned the production of bleach, which casts off chemical exhaust and other damaging waste. Some brands of chlorine bleach even contain trace amounts of mercury.

Oxygen bleach is eco-friendly through and through. It’s made by combining hydrogen peroxide (which breaks down into water and oxygen) and sustainably sourced washing soda (sodium carbonate), so it doesn’t pose a problem for sewer systems or septic tanks. No dyes, fillers, or toxins to be seen.

Make the Switch to Charlie’s Soap 

Ready to leave chemical-fumes, chlorine-filled cleaning behind you? Charlie’s Soap is here for you. Our oxygen bleach is a great place to start, and we’ve also got you covered with laundry products, stain solutions, and household cleaners. It’s time for green cleaning that’s better for you, your clothes, and pretty much everything else. Shop Charlie’s Soap.


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